Brother of the Bubbly King in Monte Carlo

Roy Oliver Disneyif Walt could dream it, Roy could do it

Roy and Mickey

Gentle VisionaryDisneyWikiaMousePlanetIMDb

Phil Harris

Phil & Baloo

the voice of Baloo in The Jungle Book (1967)
Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley in The Aristocats (1970)
Little John in Robin Hood (1973)

Alice & Phil

IMDbDisneyWikia • The Independent

Michele LeeMichele Lee, born 24 June 1942

in The Love Bug

Bubble Beereleased 24 June 1949

canine nasal stickage

bee of burden


DisneyWikiaIMDbInternet Animation Database

Herbie Goes to Monte Carloreleased 24 June 1977

Don & Dean


The Lion Kingreleased 24 June 1994

young Simba

hakuna matata

IMDbDisneyWikiaRoger Ebert


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Pocahontasreleased 23 June 1995

under the willow tree

IMDbRoger EbertDisneyWikia

on this date in 1944: Springtime for Pluto

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Let’s Get Together

The Parent Trapreleased 21 June 1961



comic book

imminent mortification

IMDbReassembling the familyDisneyVideo

The Hunchback of Notre Damereleased 21 June 1996

Topsy Turvy Day

Quasi and Esmeralda

perched on a gargoyle

IMDbDisneyWikiaRoger Ebert

Lilo & Stitchreleased 21 June 2002

sand castle burial

experiment Elvis

suspended serenade


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Reluctantly moving to the jungle this weekend

Moving Day

Moving Dayreleased 20 June 1936

the tenants vs landlord Pete

plungered Donald

IMDbDisney WikiaInternet Animation Database

The Reluctant Dragonreleased 20 June 1941

“A giant of shows so packed with laughs, novelty, charm, thrill and excitement as to make it outstanding among the biggest attractions!”

The Reluctant Dragon

at table

reluctant to get wet

IMDbDisney WikiaTCM

Clown of the Junglereleased 20 June 1947

no splash pictures, please

Aracuan Bird

IMDbDisney WikiaInternet Animation Database

Father's Weekendreleased 20 June 1953

Tunnel of Love

IMDBInternet Animation DatabaseDisney Wikia

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HF at the MK

Heat Frustration at the Magic Kingdom

Actually the frustration sensation begins before I even get to the Magic Kingdom.

I left the apartment at 7:53 a.m. and parked at the Transportation & Ticket Center at 8:18. A perfectly normal 25-minute drive. My first mistake, though, was to take the resort monorail to the Magic Kingdom instead of the ferry.

Monorail Green cooled its heels at the TTC for about 8 minutes before leaving for the Polynesian, where it idled another 10 minutes. At the Grand Floridian, we sat there for a good 25 minutes listening to we-apologize-for-the-delay messages and ominous announcements about how we were waiting for switches to be set so that another train could be brought on line. You’d think that after 47 years they would have figured out how to do that without causing a major disturbance in The Force…

They finally told us that we could stay on board and continue waiting if we wanted to, but that buses were now available to take us to the Magic Kingdom if we’d like to “disembark” and proceed to the Grand Floridian’s bus stop.

Well, I had sat on Monorail Green long enough so I joined the exiting masses and retreated to the grandiose lobby of the Floridian. Wherefrom I descended to ground level where it “felt like” it was going to be a scorcher:

85º feels like 100º

This was just twisted.

yes, twisted

The purpose of coming out here was to peek at the bus stop, where there were major crowds, of course, so I decided to suck it up and just take the boat from the GF to the MK…

On my way out to the dock, I paused to capture this glimpse across Seven Seas Lagoon and to wipe away the combo of sunscreen and sweat that was already stinging my eyeballs.

The Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower

It’s now 9:24 a.m. and the queue for the boat stretches back past Narcoossee’s.

lining up

We don’t make it on to that little boat, naturally, but thankfully the next one to come along is a much larger one, of the kind that usually only serve the Magic Kingdom-Wilderness Lodge-Ft Wilderness loops. The people in line next to me aren’t too happy, though, when I tell them that we’ll be going to the Polynesian before proceeding to the Magic Kingdom. (This is not my first time at the rodeo.)

But of course we all find it hilarious when we see Monorail Green departing the Grand Floridian heading out to the Magic Kingdom. “That’s the one I was on,” I say to my neighbors. “Yeah, us too,” they reply.

When we dock at the Magic Kingdom, we have to go through security again, even though we did that at the Trial and Tribulation Center. We had exited the secure zone when we got off the monorail at the Grand Floridian.

Thus it was 10:40 a.m. when I finally made it past the Passholder tapstyle and entered the Magic Kingdom, a mere two hours and 22 minutes after I had parked at the TTC.

So I missed my FastPass+ window for Splash Mountain, which was 9:20-10:20. But–the Mountain was down at that time so I received my alternate, which would let me either ride Splash via the FastPass+ at any time once it (if it) went back on line, or experience any other attraction (except for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan’s Flight) at any time during the day. Nice.

Stopping in at Harmony Barber Shop I was able to be penciled in for 11 o’clock. This gave me a little time to wander through The Emporium, where the usual trio have been decked out in their seasonally patriotic finery.

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto

No waiting at the barber shop when I return to undergo tonsorial treatment at the hands and clippers of the charming and efficient Diane.

On the way to Liberty Square for my Haunted Mansion FastPass+ (10:55-11:55), I take time to admire the out-of-my-price-range offerings of Crystal Arts.

Four Princesses: Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Snow White…

as indicated above

…and the classic assortment.

Mickey, Minnie, Oswald, Goofy, Pluto

“Get mad, baby!”


After joining my fellow foolish mortals for the tour and reminding myself to bring my death certificate if I decide to join the 999 happy haunts of the Mansion, I report for my lunch reservation (12:15) at the Plaza Restaurant, where I get my usual table next to the kitchen door.

As I sip my iced tea and await the arrival of my salad, a citizen of Main Street with a strident, booming voice busts in to announce the selection of a lucky youngster as honorary mayor of Main Street.

During my enjoyment of the always delicious Strawberry Chicken Salad,

as indicated abouve

a second citizen enters to announce that the honored 100th guest of the restaurant today is Pathetic Smee himself. I humbly and gratefully accept this chocolate memento of the memorable moment.

chocolate memento

After my meal, I spot the kind lady on Main Street as I head up to the railroad station.

From within said railroad station you will admire this view.

I decide not to take the train but to hoof it back up Main Street, staying in the airco of the shops on the east side for as long as I can.

In The Chapeau, the wall phone, whose cord to the ear piece had been cut and was just dangling there for many months, is now missing both the cord and ear piece.

So you still can’t pick it up to listen in on the party line. Harrumph.

Although they still call it The Main Street Cinema, it’s really just been an Art of Disney store for several years now. (To be fair, they still show a loop of cartoon shorts on the one remaining screen.)

many characters on a canvas

This could enhance my apartment’s décor for a mere

150 bucks

A Stitch in Tiki

You can buy a lot of trouble for

595 simoleons

There’s always somebody with a red umbrella trying to obstruct your view of the tuba player,

Main Street Philharmonic in the Hub

who doesn’t care.

Philharmonic line-up

If you don’t love the

The Main Street Philharmonic

you are dead inside.

FastPass+, 1:50-2:50 p.m.: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Heffalumps and Woozles!

Smee in a honey pot

But Hooray! All ends well.

say Hooray!

On my way to Splash Mountain, I think how waiting for the return of the Liberty Belle seems to be taking forever…

spelling fail

Hopefully the next shipment of freight will include a spelling book.

At 2:22 p.m., Splash Mountain’s FastPass+ line is short and my plunge into the Briar Patch is satisfactually refreshing.

But at 3:31 p.m., I’m gettin’ outta here…

99ª feels like 113º

becauseHeat Frustration, of course

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Steamy Rolling

Mickey's Steamroller

towing Morty and Ferdie


IMDbDisney WikiaBig Cartoon DatabaseVIDEO on DailyMotion


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Musical Hens from Outer Space on the Beach

1932 The Musical Farmer

Shake it but don't break it

of a feather

Internet Animation DatabaseDisney WikiaIMDb

Happy Birthday, Donald Duck!

1934 The Wise Little Hen

“Donald Duck made his debut in this fable about a mother hen who needs help planting corn and harvesting it. When Donald and his friend, Peter Pig, sole members of the Idle Hour Club, refuse, she does it herself with the help of her chicks. When all is finished, and various types of corn delicacies are on the table, Donald and Peter, now interested, are not invited.” (D23)

to the Idle Hours Clubs

a corny dinner is served

IMDbDisney WikiaInternet Animation Database

1939 Beach Picnic


Flig! Clug! Foof!

IMDbDisney WikiaInternet Animation DatabaseVIDEO

1978 The Cat from Outer Space

Ken & Kitty

let's get down to business

IMDbDisney WikiaDisney Movies dot com

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