Steamy Rolling

Mickey's Steamroller

towing Morty and Ferdie


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Musical Hens from Outer Space on the Beach

1932 The Musical Farmer

Shake it but don't break it

of a feather

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Happy Birthday, Donald Duck!

1934 The Wise Little Hen

“Donald Duck made his debut in this fable about a mother hen who needs help planting corn and harvesting it. When Donald and his friend, Peter Pig, sole members of the Idle Hour Club, refuse, she does it herself with the help of her chicks. When all is finished, and various types of corn delicacies are on the table, Donald and Peter, now interested, are not invited.” (D23)

to the Idle Hours Clubs

a corny dinner is served

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1939 Beach Picnic


Flig! Clug! Foof!

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1978 The Cat from Outer Space

Ken & Kitty

let's get down to business

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Chipmunks of the Air

Test Pilot Donaldreleased 8 June 1951

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Coming Attraction World

Flowers, potted & floatingEpcot’s 2018 Flower & Garden Festival ended the 28 May, but floating flowers linger.

more floating flowers and hints of coming attractions

Rémy is coming to France.

Construction on Ratatouille ride

C’est paisible au Canada.

it'a peaceful in Canada

Skyliner is coming to International Gateway.

Printemps en France.

Springtime in France

Primavera en México.

Springtime in Mexico

Boda póstuma.

Posthumous wedding

Boa de plumas rojas.

red feather boa

Fajín rojo para él.

Red cummerbund for him

Amarillo rico, suave…

Mellow yellow

En la Tienda Encantada:

Almira Gulch en regiones mas allá?

Almira Gulch in regions beyond?

You’re telling me…

there's more time than there is life

Before leaving Epcot for a while, I enjoy a lunch of Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken in the Liberty Inn adjacent to the American Adventure.

Cobb Salad at Liberty Inn

What I do not enjoy so much is the sight of the lady at the table next to mine flossing her teeth. No photograph of that. You’re welcome.

The Friendships are serving only Epcot and the hotels currently, not the Studios, since one of the bridges is being worked on…

Friendship boat on Crescent Lake

…so my plan is to walk to the BoardWalk

through a gazebo on the way to the BoardWalk

and take the bus across the street from there to the Studios.

But it’s hot, so first a trip upstairs for a cool Belle Vue break in the lounge of that name.

Did I mention it’s hot? That’s why I am photographing the flora from inside.

BoardWalk flora

Refreshed in the lounge and relieved in the restroom, I proceed to the bus stop. During that stroll I witness another one of my least favorite sights: the child picking his nose and eating his findings. No photograph of that, either. You’re welcome.

Skyliner is coming to the Studios.

Skyliner Station construction, Disney's Hollywood Studios

more Skyliner Station construction, Disney's Hollywood Studios

I don’t spend a lot of time here; the 90-plus temps are getting to me and I don’t want to exacerbate my dermatitis-ridden cheekbones any more than I have to.

On the monorail back to Epcot, where I am parked in

row 10 of the Journey lot

we observe that Ellen’s replacements are coming to Future World.

A light rain has begun when I board the parking lot tram. Seconds after I get in the car, the downpour escalates to Level Bodacious and stays there for about a third of my drive home.

All is dry for the remainder of the journey, but mere seconds after I am safely within the apartment, the second wave arrives and this is how it looks out my window:

bodacious rain in the Four Corners area


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Testing Cotton at the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom: Monday 14 May 2018

You have to get here early to see Main Street Square like this.

feels crowded on the square

If you open City Hall, the uninformed will come, eventually.

City Hall

At 8:10 a.m. people head up Main Street USA to be held at the hub until official opening at 9.

Main Street USA

While waiting for the Harmony Barber Shop to open at 9, I wander through
The Emporium

which is domed.

Emporium Indoor Décorium:

first set of three shelvessecond set of three shelves

Emporium Outdoor Décorium (display windows, that is):

The brain that is divided into several parts will display its hand thusly

4 queens and a ?

Books, rope, ring… You figure it out.

Sailing to Sønderjylland.


it's perfectly paranormal

Chips ‘n’ Dales on the Steinmouse.

yes, it'a a genuine Steinmouse

Always visit the
Main Street Station of the Walt Disney World Railroad.

And enjoy the northward view.

Even though there is never anyone in the ticket office.

If there were I guess they’d have to be able to slip in through this door…

But it’s okay because you don’t need a ticket to ride. If you did it might have to be stamped.

Have they paid any bills since August of 1856? Have you?

Frayed wires on phones are a thing on Main Street USA.

Hello! Hello? Speak up, I can't hear you!

Looking eastward in the waiting room, waiting for crowds of passengers.

Looking westward.

Turn-of-the-crank turn-of-the-century entertainment. Parental Guidance suggested.


Casey’s Corner: Hot Dogs, Corn Dog Nuggets, Soda Pop and other equally healthy treats.

There are no longer any bleachers whereupon you could watch the game and try to balance your dog and fries on your lap as you ate. Now there are tables and chairs, indoors and out.


Who indeed?

Who will manage the Pirates in 1916?

Go Mudville!

Speaking of the Corner’s outdoor seating, it obviously isn’t lunch time yet. On a rainy day.

You know you want to ride.

double decker

For whatever reason, there are some guests who just refuse to purchase the lovely nine-dollar Disney rain ponchos.

cheapskates, like me

Cinderella Castle
Frame it in soft focus with flowers.

Cinderella Castle

Or frame it in wrought iron. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Liberty Square
On the way in…

the Haunted Mansion

…and on the way out. Rest in Pieces.

in spiritual repose

The cascading waters adjacent to Rapunzel’s tower remind you how close you are to an Opportunity for Relief.

The reason you can’t see through these windows is that if you could, you would be peeping into the Tangled Toilets.

This here’s the rootin-tootin-wildest-testin’in’est ride in the wilderness!

Pimîhkân: it’s what’s for dinner.

Uh-oh. Man is in the forest.

The trees of tomorrow are here today.

That moment when you ride off the rail on the Speedway.

the noisiest ride in the World

And just about time for me to mosey on back to Aladdin row 205 for the drive back home with stop at Publix so the rain will subside…

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Studious Tuesday

Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Tuesday 17 April 2018

The Disney Skyliner continues to pile on pylons.

Skyliner pylons

A beautiful morning on Hollywood Boulevard.

Art Deco goodness of Hollywoodland.

And the Spanish Revivalism of same.

Mickey's of Hollywood

Pluto’s Toy Palace.

Undeserved side-eyes and scowls for the Hollywood Police Department.

At 10:37 a.m., I am 23 minutes too early to tune in.

Tune-In Lounge

Backlot Express Restaurant

Refreshing hot towels are distributed in business class only.

After getting your food, you can pick up your hammers and chisels at the condiment station.

Grand Avenue

It is indeed grand.

Tempting you with inedible delicacies.

Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge

I don’t know what this has to do with it, but it adorns the gateway to the adventure we’re all hoping to live long enough to live.

above the entrance to Star Wars Land

Back on Grand Avenue

When I’m not riding my girl’s bike up and down the avenue, it’s parked on the fire escape.

Muppet Courtyard

A tamed-down fountain

duck in said fountain

and a theatre with a new name.

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Or a FastPass+®. Beyond it is a third dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of what kind of foolishness would you like to see? You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas, of pigs and frogs. You’ve just crossed over into the Muppet Zone.

Romance on the high walls.

Piggy and Kermit

At the Happiness Hotel, there’s no one staying or working to disturb.

The rooms are narrow, but the hotel does offer facilities for the drying of your hand-washables. And life preservers if you should fall overboard.

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

Our vines have tender, strategically placed grapes.

It’s always a good time for it to feel like 75ºF.

Kermit the Clock

All heckling has been temporarily suspended.

The Chinese Theatre

where memories of the Great Movie Ride will linger even as we eventually ride Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad.


I didn’t sail today, but I do like this show.

Coming June 30, 2019

and hoping there will be a Passholder Preview!

Toy Story Land

From expert to beginner, everyone’s a winner! Especially if they’ve just been through the two-hour standby queue.

Toy Story Mania!

A rocket and a match? I’m in!

monkeys from a barrel

Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

All aboard the merchandise train!

Minnie & Mickey on a handcar

The Rise of Disney Marketing

Circus Dining Car

back on Sunset Boulevard

The Hollywood Brown Derby

As I looked over from my Famous Cobb Salad, I observed Cast Member Ethan expertly crafting a sparkly surprise welcome for some guests.

hidden mickey in plain sight

The Beverly Sunset

The Sweet Spells candy shop has been closed to make room for TonkaTruckloads of Toy Story merchandise in anticipation of the new land. I still wax nostalgic for its glory days as Villains in Vogue.

just out on the street…

trolley car stop

…a streetcar named Sunset Blvd.

How did I not know (or how had I forgotten) that Fantasmic! was sponsored by Pop Secret™?

What I am trying to achieve:

Victory with Vegetables

Once Upon a Time there was the Carthay Circle.

back on Hollywood Boulevard, Keystone Clothiers

Winning the coveted Blue Sphere for Best Floral Gown.

porcelain (I presume) fashion model

On a scarf.

Minnie Mouse, that is

That moment when you realize you’ve used too much product.

ill-fitting hat

In a window at Mickey’s of Hollywood

Admit one to the Roxy Theatre.

Daisy Duck's Box Office

This is where we came in. And where we go out.

Crossroads of the World


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Not the Fruit-Flavored Drink

Epcot • Animal Kingdom Lodge
Friday 13 April 2018

Flowery & Gardeny Feels

Donald & Nephews Topiaries

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

You knew that fish live in igloos, right?


The fish the astronauts took with them into space:

Yellow Tang

Elsewhere in Future World

Profiles in ducks and chipmunks.

Daisy, Chip, Dale

“The glass pyramids are the gateway to your Journey Into Imagination.”

Ever since he planted flowers on his roof, Jock receives many more visitors than he used to.


Concrete Block Planters

World Showcase


When a slipper becomes self-conscious about its figure.


He used to be in the Bijutsu-Kan Gallery where the Kawaii exhibit is currently located. Now he looms over the new picnic area by Katsura Grill, silently judging your food choices.


Ja, es war zwanzig nach zwei, als ich dieses Foto machte.

Sharply accessorized Ritter in glänzender Rüstung.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

From out on the savannah, I receive a reminder of my own upcoming feeding time at Boma: Flavors of Africa.


Shrimp, Salad, Asparagus

and Omega.

Strawberries, Cantaloupe, Melon, Pineapple, Grapes

…and Good Night, Animal Kingdom Lodge!

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