Spiritedly Off

“The New Spirit” - released 23 January 1942

DisneyWikiaInternet Movie Database

Donald's tax return

flaggy-eyed Donald

“They’re Off” - released 23 January 1948

DisneyWikiaInternet Movie Database


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Tomorrow’s Newz

Magic Kingdom - 22 January 2019


“That’s right: it’s outa this world!” –Mickey Mouse

Mickey's Star Traders

We want YOU to go to outer space!

Turns out there’s plenty of oxygen in outer space.

we don't need no stinkin' helmets

Lunch is at the Plaza Restaurant.

Strawberry Chicken Salad

Chicken Strawberry Salad

Main Street USA - the Emporium

Walt Disney World Railroad Station

Main Street Square

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Epcot Festival of the Arts 2019 Day 1

Epcot 2019 Festival of the Arts Day 1Artistic Figment

Artistic Figment

More Artistic Figment

Thanks for Celebrating with Us

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Apple Wars

Donald Applecore - released 18 January 1952

DisneyWikiaInternet Movie Database

dejected Donald

eyes to eyes with the culprits

insect powder

helicopter chase

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On Wednesdays We Wear Snoods

Festival of Fantasy 16 January 2019

Belle and the Beast

Prince Charming and Cinderella

Anna and Elsa

Prince Naveen and Tiana

colorful characters

Sunburst Girl


walking seahorses

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Liberty Pirates in Motion

11 January 2019 at the Magic Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom – 8 January 2019

on this day in 1936

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Some World Showcase Briefly

Torii gate, Japan Pavilion

Il tempo a Venezia: nuvoloso e ombroso.

make-believe Venice

The best pyramid in the World.

Don’t try this at home.

Zé Carioca being reckless with his guitar

Panchito: «¡Donald, dónde estás?»

Panchito: "Donald, where are you?"

Aboard the search serape.

airborne, looking for Donald

A Donald le gustan los sombreros.

trying on sombreros

La búsqueda continúa.

the search continues

Donald prepares to ascend

Winged wonders.

Ángel de la Independencia

Fiesta, pero ¿Cuándo?

Fiesta ¡HOY!

¿Tiene caramelos en el trasero?

does he have candy in his butt?

Este no es el pato que están buscando.

not the duck they're looking for

Nos despedimos de México.

We say goodbye to Mexico.

One day there may be a Disney Skyliner station at Epcot’s International Gateway.

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Monday 22 October 2018

at Walt Disney World

the approach on the ferry

A beautiful day. Dare we say that fall has begun in Central Florida?

Main Street Square

City Hall

Cinderella Castle

Entrance to Adventureland

If you lived in Adventureland, you’d be home now.

In the words of Franz Robinson…

Treehouse of the Swiss Family Robinson

The organ in the parlor is stuck on the Swisskapolka.

Swiss Family Treeparlor

But there is a fine view of Space Mountain from here.

Perhaps more congruently, from mom and pop’s bedroom,

…the view is more of a Tiki thing.

The Crow's Nest: Fritz, Ernst, Francis - their room

Three crows, two hammocks. Two slept while the third kept watch, of course.

Watch over Splash Mountain, that is.

The library, which every treehouse has these days.

"Our kitchen and dining room"

Be amazed by the Swiss family system for running water.

The organ survived the wreck intact but not, alas, the dishes…

After ascending to the top and descending back down to the bottom, have a seat and a grape.

the Disney movie on the IMDb • Johann David Wyss • the novel on Project Gutenberg
UndercoverTourist “Secret History”

Faces of Adventureland.

Leave us take a boat over to Bay Lake

( on the way therepassing the Contemporary )

where wilderness welcomes us.

Welcome to Fort Wilderness

From there, leave us hit the trail.

walking, waddling, whatever

At the end of which are flowers.


Wilderness Lodge

In a window of Wilderness Mercantile, Donald says it with flowers.

Donald & Daisy

Once inside the lobby, therapy is available.

in the form of a rocking chair

Lunch at Roaring Fork. Wilderness Salad, of course.

Then on to the obligatory lobby photos.

Ancestor of Sam Eagle.

Fireplace and rocking chairs

and beyond.

Swimming pool and no-swimming pool (Bay Lake)

cascading waters

Leave us now take a bus to Disney Springs, to tour the recently reimagined

World of Disney

which is pretty much the same as the earlier World of Disney minus the charm and whimsy of the décor.

Although there is some covetable merchandise.

Haunted Mansion bookends

Leave us now take a bus to Disney’s Grandiose Floridian Resort and Spa, where a reservation is rarely necessary at the Café.

Grand Floridian Café

Negroni + Appetizer A (Shrimp Cocktail) + Appetizer B (Mushroom Soup) = Dinner.

Leave us now take the boat from the Grand Floridian back to the Magic Kingdom (with a stop at the Polynesian). On the way, this cycle’s final waxing gibbous shines on the Contemporary.

Main Street Railroad Station at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom

The clogging of Main Street USA as seen from the railroad station.

I have been pretty peripatetic today, so after some wandering around and a grand circle tour of Tomorrowland on the PeopleMover, (you know the drill)

[…] take the ferry back to the Transportation and Ticket Center where the automobile awaits the drive home. During the voyage, a look back at where we have been.


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On Friday We Go to the World

at Disney's Animal Kingdom

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”


Shade is good.

Reeves's Muntjac

Morning of the iguana.

Yes, iguana.

Ducks of the Oasis

That's right. Ducks.

click here for video

Hard to believe that it’s been twenty years already…

20 Years of the Animal Kingdom

A marsupial moment.


click here for kangaroo clip

“My bill has a yellow saddle.”

Saddle-Billed Stork

Padded river.

African Crested Porcupine

Quill you have a drink with me?

sippin' rodent

click here for porcupine clip

Giant Galápagos Tortoise


Click here for galloping galápagos.

More river padding.


A bird and a bug. On the Tree of Life.

Vermilingua, a profile.

that's an anteater, to you

Imagineer Joe Rohde: “In the beginning. The Tree of Life would sit about right here. From a site walk in 1991. Happy Birthday to Animal Kingdom.”

The Tree of Life

Click here for Tree of Life and falling water.

A bridge to Africa.

Yes, a bridge. Between Discovery Island and Africa.

Maharajah Jungle Trek

Trying to cut back on the fire-breathing thing.

Komodo Dragon

Macaca silenus.

macaque with arms up

“I’m the Tree Monitor. I’ll need to see your tree pass.”

I really am the Tree Monitor.

Click here if you want to monitor him.

Save Our Bats

Fruit Bat

Here's what you can do

Fruit Bat, another

“Where is my cylinder?”

when there's a tiger at the window

“Found it.”

everybody but tigers out of the pool

“On Friday we wear stripes.”

how do they get their stripes?

Click here for the chin rub. And here for the walkabout.

it's a bird

Rock that crown, Victoria.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Lunch at Sebastian's Bistro

The resort has recently undergone a major overhaul. The restaurant has been open just about a week.

Crab Cake. With Watercress Salad and Herb Mayonnaise.

What I said. A crab cake.

Jerk Chicken Salad. With Black Beans and Rice and Marinated Vegetable Ribbons.

As indicated above.

at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

The view of what will eventually be Disney’s Riviera Resort is currently quite unlovely.

you know what this is

Here’s what will eventually be the Disney Skyliner Station.

a look at Disney Skyliner

Take aim, fire at will, down a gondola and win a prize!

fire a cannon at a gondola, win a prize

The official flag of the resort, naturally.

it's a jolly roger

In case of actual Skyliner opening, just peel for directions.

I am here; which way to the Skyliner?

Last one.

is that a lighthouse?

at the Magic Kingdom

and I say to myself, “it’s a wonderful time not to be in the standby queue for Splash Mountain.”

how do you get in a standby line?

Given the opportunity, I will never not photograph Beacon Joe.

at Alligator Swamp

Click here for teepees.

When your trunk runs into your peanuts.

Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station

Don’t even try to get in there and drive that locomotive yourself.

Casey Jr Circus Train

I’ll be in my trailer.

Clowns: the trailer

It has its devotees, obviously, but the Tomorrowland Speedway remains firmly in place as my least favorite Walt Disney World distraction. Of course, all those people in line for it are people who are not in line in front of me at an attraction I like, so… speed on, people! (While the speeding is good)

Another in the Articles-of-Clothing-That-Should-Be-Available-in-Adult-Sizes-But-Aren’t series:

Welcome, foolish mortals

Why is there a bust of Maurice Chevalier on display in the Emporium?

a bust on display in the Emporium

Maurice Chevalier

that's all - time to go home

Click here to take the monorail out of here.

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