Wichi Zoo To Go To

A Visit to the Sedgwick County ZooTuesday 21 August 2018

Zoo Entrance

This is a flamboyance:

a flamboyance of flamingos

This is public transport:

Tram Stop

Alas, we have lost our Marbles.


Marbles (obit)

But others carry on carrying on…


…all the way to the top.

atop a pole

top o' the world, Ma

Apes are artistic.

Ape Art 1

In that abstract kind of way.


Madonna and Child

You found your niche, now lie in it.

reclining on the sill

This way to Down Under

Australia and South America

After all-the-ants-you-care-to-eat time.

napping anteater

There’s usually one napping at the end of a trench at Disney’s Animal Kingdom also.


it's a pink flower

“I’m just resting my eyes…”

it's a zygodactyl

“Wait–did you hear a noise?”

open-eyed member of the Psittacidae family

Heaven, I’m in heaven,
And the cares that hang around me through the week
Seem to vanish like a gambler’s lucky streak
When we’re out together dancing, beak to beak.

These are the tail feathers you’re looking for.

Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris.

it's a capybara

They need no introduction.

they're ducks

Further flora.

it's a flower

It’s an anapsid.

this one is a turtle

Further flora some more.

this time they're red

“Color me colorful.”

well, it's another parrot

“Not everyone notices me.”

you only noticed because I posted a close-up

Two, four, six, eight — everyone reticulate!

giraffa reticulata

Two, four, six, eight, everybody pollinate!

bee attentive!

“I have the same number of vertebrae in my neck as you do.”

you're looking at our necks, aren't you?

Further flora some more again.

they're pink and red flowers

That’s all. We didn’t see all of the zoo by any means. But although it was cool and nice when we got there, it got hot and sweaty so we left. Through the gift shop, as signs directed us. Sorry, no merchandise photos this time. Perhaps on my next Wichita expedition.

Sedgwick County Zoo websitezoo map • Location


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Plowin’ and Rymin’ for Double the Trouble

Disney Legend
Herb Ryman

Herb Ryman28 June 1910 – 10 February 1989


imaginating World Showcase

California Art ClubDisneyWikiaDesigningDisney
Windows on Main StreetRymanArts

The Plowboyreleased 28 June 1929

Horace Horsecollar

Mickey in drag

DisneyWikiaInternet Animation DatabaseIMDb

Bone Troublereleased 28 June 1940

Butch, bone, and Pluto

reflections of intimidation

DisneyWikiaInternet Animation DatabaseBig Cartoon Database

Donald’s Double Trouble

Donald's Double Troublereleased 28 June 1946

someone doesn't like what she's hearing

it's not what you think--or is it?

Disney WikiaInternet Animation DatabaseBig Cartoon Database

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Merrie Little People’s Arithmetic

The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Menreleased 26 June 1952

Robin Hood some more


VIDEO: trailer

Darby O'Gill and the Little Peoplereleased 26 June 1959

King Brian

love, laughter, and leprechauns


Donald in MathMagic Landreleased 26 June 1959

fun + adventure + knowledge


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Brother of the Bubbly King in Monte Carlo

Roy Oliver Disneyif Walt could dream it, Roy could do it

Roy and Mickey

Gentle VisionaryDisneyWikiaMousePlanetIMDb

Phil Harris

Phil & Baloo

the voice of Baloo in The Jungle Book (1967)
Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley in The Aristocats (1970)
Little John in Robin Hood (1973)

Alice & Phil

IMDbDisneyWikia • The Independent

Michele LeeMichele Lee, born 24 June 1942

in The Love Bug

Bubble Beereleased 24 June 1949

canine nasal stickage

bee of burden


DisneyWikiaIMDbInternet Animation Database

Herbie Goes to Monte Carloreleased 24 June 1977

Don & Dean


The Lion Kingreleased 24 June 1994

young Simba

hakuna matata

IMDbDisneyWikiaRoger Ebert


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Pocahontasreleased 23 June 1995

under the willow tree

IMDbRoger EbertDisneyWikia

on this date in 1944: Springtime for Pluto

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Let’s Get Together

The Parent Trapreleased 21 June 1961



comic book

imminent mortification

IMDbReassembling the familyDisneyVideo

The Hunchback of Notre Damereleased 21 June 1996

Topsy Turvy Day

Quasi and Esmeralda

perched on a gargoyle

IMDbDisneyWikiaRoger Ebert

Lilo & Stitchreleased 21 June 2002

sand castle burial

experiment Elvis

suspended serenade


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Reluctantly moving to the jungle this weekend

Moving Day

Moving Dayreleased 20 June 1936

the tenants vs landlord Pete

plungered Donald

IMDbDisney WikiaInternet Animation Database

The Reluctant Dragonreleased 20 June 1941

“A giant of shows so packed with laughs, novelty, charm, thrill and excitement as to make it outstanding among the biggest attractions!”

The Reluctant Dragon

at table

reluctant to get wet

IMDbDisney WikiaTCM

Clown of the Junglereleased 20 June 1947

no splash pictures, please

Aracuan Bird

IMDbDisney WikiaInternet Animation Database

Father's Weekendreleased 20 June 1953

Tunnel of Love

IMDBInternet Animation DatabaseDisney Wikia

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