2 Parks & 1 Surprise Anniversary

Epcot and Hollywood Studios, 16 May 2019

We begin at the Epcot Flower & Garden & Bone Festival.

Pluto topiary

Demonstrating the internationally recognized gesture for “I don’t know either.”

Goofy topiary

On the road to World Showcase.

Where the nephews are ready to rake.

Hewey, Dewey, and Louie topiaries

Bear in  mind that Canada is for the birds.

Bird on a bear

bear on a bird but closer

At the International Gateway, Bonjour, les français!

Leave us now set sail for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Friendship VI

Along the way, surfin’ swan rides the crest o’ the wave.

“When other Friendships have been forgot, ours will still be hot!”

Approaching the Swolphin.

aka the Swan & Dolphin

Disney’s Hollywood ConstructionLand ho!

Security bag check currently takes place under the canopy of what will one day become the loading and unloading zone of the parking lot tram.

Our first stop once within the park is just off Hollywood Boulevard: the restroom, above which looms:

Over on Grand Avenue, ducks relax at the very edge of the Galaxy.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, that is

A world of Muppetry awaits.

The second-floor terrazzo of Rizzo’s Pizzerizzo offers a belvedere of whence we have just come.

In the fountain down there, other rats have gone fishin’. Instead of just a-wishin’.

Rizzo isn’t particularly fussy about his pizza, IMHO, but he is concerned with tidiness.

another view from the terrazzo

Some of you may remember typewriters.

ABC Secretarial School

Abe Moskowitz, Tailor. Suits made to order. One flight up.

Glad I’m wearing this T…

MuppetVision T-Shirt

as Today’s Surprise turns out to be that it’s the 28th Anniversary of Jim Henson’s MuppetVision 3D at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Thus a visit to MuppetVision 3D’s World Headquarters is next.

Directory 1

Directory 2

A display of tremendous tap-dancing talent with an added cultural component.

a pot of flowers balanced on his head

“Hit it, Rusty!”



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