Another Passholder Event

Sunday 28 April 2019 at the Magic Kingdom

Before proceeding to the Magic Kingdom, I visit Grandma Flo’s Resort & Spa, where the Society Orchestra has been forced by Mizner’s refurbishment to a new low.

Grand Floridian Society Orchestra

“Top o’ the egg, Ma, top o’ the egg!”

Elephant on an Easter egg

The actual purpose of this visit is to enjoy two appetizers at the Grand Floridian Café.


Seasonal Heirloom Apple Salad

Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail

A stroll out by Narcoossee’s to the boat landing features a stop for shoe tying here…

…and, of course, some ornithological observation.

Tall trees and missed watercraft.

Ah, well. Another is along shortly. After a pointless stop at the Polynesian, it’s on to the Magic Kingdom, where one bird’s wing tip is another bird’s perch.

We aren’t going to stop celebrating Mickey’s birthday any time soon.

If you need something in which to carry around that emergency slice of pizza, Disney has your solution.

pizza-shaped handbag

Whenever the PeopleMover is moving, we people will be moved.

When the freeway is a parking lot. We’ve all been there.

the closed Tomorrowland Speedway

“You’re in for a real treat,” says the narrator.

Carousel of Progress

“Oh, right around the turn of the century. And believe me, things couldn’t be any better than they are today.”

I’ve made some progress of my own. I never do this any more. (I’m retired; I don’t have to.)


“Ooh-la-la! So that’s Little Egypt doing the hoochie-koochie, eh Dad?”

turn-of-the-century stereoscopic porn

(Squawk) She keeps that thing going all day long. (Squawk) Progress! (Squawk. Whistle).”

Grandma at it (the Victrola) all day long

“Papa! All these people! I’m… I’m indecent!”

the indecent Patricia

Yeah, yeah… I’ve been to Niagara Falls too, ya know.

waving that Niagara Falls fan

“I’m so glad we installed an electric light fixture here on the porch, because it’s just too darn hot to be sewing inside.”

"Betsy Ross" with electric light on the porch"

Grandpa’s gonna rocket tonight.

because it's the 4th of July

Patricia: “If my new boyfriend Theodore sees me in this, it’ll scare him away!”
Father: “Well, dear, if that happens, you’ll always have that torch you can carry for him.”

Father: “Uncle Orville’s taken over the coolest spot in the house, of course, and he’s rigged up a real clever contraption. He calls it ‘air cooling.’ Hmph. Too bad he’s not reading the help wanted ads.”
Uncle Orville: “No privacy at all around this place!”

"Uncle Sam" in the tub

“I just heard a new term today on the radio. Fella says we’ve got something now called the ‘rat race.’ Did you ever hear that one? Sure describes my life.”

Commuting rat of the 50s

“Give him a left, you big lug!”

Apparently the moon is full and the wolfbane is blooming tonight…

he used his beautiful sister Patty’s picture for a model!

Shake it but don’t break it, Patricia!

"As I was saying, Babs, I think college is really swell! You should give it a try!"

“We’re remodeling our basement as something called a ‘rumpus room.’ And we’re looking forward to a few rumpuses, I tell you—as long as they don’t get out of hand.” (And a snood is the appropriate headgear for hanging wallpaper.)

someone's rump about to be splattered with paint

Grandpa’s gonna tie one on this Christmas.

Virtually victorious Grandma: “Man, what a game! I really smoked those guys. Looks like I’m resident flying ace now.”

“Hey everybody, I’m done programming our new voice activation system.”

Sure she has...

OVEN: “Bake Mode complete. Enjoy your meal.”
PATRICIA: “Anyone for pizza?”
SARAH: “Oh, another Christmas turkey ruined.”

Not to worry, though… They all lived Happily Ever AfterWhich is seen here above the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

it’s a small tilted world

As one tours the restrooms that have magically become the queue for Peter Pan’s Flight, we enjoy the works of art…

out of the flying Pan...

...into Mermaid Lagoon

Everything above was experienced before the official start of tonight’s V.I.Passholder event. Last time I attended one of these at the Magic Kingdom, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train went down while I was in the queue for it and stayed down for the rest of the night. Harrumph.

This time I queued up and in spite of several dubious slow-downs, it was up and running and I was able to ride after about 20 minutes or so in the queue. Hooray!

After a few other rides, I obeyed my barking dogs and monorailed my way back to the Trial and Tribulation Center about half an hour before the event shut down.

All four WDW parks are undergoing major recombobulation of parking lot-to-entrance and security clearance procedures. Currently the tram at the Magic Kingdom drops you off before you go under the overpass. It feels like you’re transgressing to perambulate through here:

But that’s how we do it, for now.


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