Asiaversary 1999-2019

Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom

We visit the Animal Kingdom today in observance of Asia’s twentieth anniversary.

But before Asia is The Oasis. And a duck.

A duck at The Oasis

and a duck and a swan…

and a Reeves (Reeves’ / Reeves’s) Muntjac…

Reeves Muntjac

and a Babirusa, baby!


Upon arrival in Asia, even though there are “fresh sips inside” and we are invited to “please sit,” we prefer to avoid the allure of sugary carbonation.

Coca-Asian-Cola products

The Komodo Dragon is the first denizen of the Maharajah Jungle Trek that one encounters. The temperature at this point is a mere 66ºF/18.89ºC, but the rock upon which this lovely lady reclines is heated for her cold-blooded comfort.

Komodo Dragon

Moving along into, as they say, another part of the forest, we admire fading artwork on the crumbling walls of a Maharajah’s crumbling palace compound…

The following is artistic. Because it’s tilted.

Someone always leaves a cart in a no-cart-parking zone.

Uh Oh. Could this mean there might be a tiger up ahead?

Betcha it could

this is a tiger

My favorite part of the Trek is the aviary. Look up and behold why we always wear a hat.


If I knew the names of these birds I would tell you.

anonymous avis

another member of AA

Pigeon, Victoria Crowned. On the ground…

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

…and perched above.

Crowned Pigeon Victoria II

Definitely not under glass:

Argus Pheasant

Just at the aviary exit, an incubation station.

Before leaving the park, leave us mobile order our lunch at Pandora, the World of Avatar‘s Satu’li Canteen. Chili-Garlic Shrimp Bowl, i.e., shrimp tossed in a chili-garlic sauce with hearty salad.

what does satu'li mean?

Joe Rohde: “Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Mastermind”on Twitter


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