Hours That Are After

After Hours at the Magic Kingdom - 30 Aug 2018

Thank goodness I am not too late to see some Halloween shop window décor.

Minnie in a Jack-O-Lantern

Stitch's Loyal Jack-O-Lantern

Uptown Jeweler balloons

Tilted, ergo artistic.

Cinderella Castle

Tomorrowland by day:

Tomorrowland After Hours:

Currently Tomorrowland is all about the Incredibles.

Stitch has greatly escaped, presumably to the same galaxy where Chairman Clench, S.I.R.Skippy, the Mars Missionaries and the To the Moon Fliers  are exiled.

Former home of XS Tech

Astro Orbiter

Some Happily Ever After viewed from off to the (west) side:

Not gonna stand in one spot for an hour or more in order to get the full frontal symmetrical view.

Shall I whirl ’til I hurl? (Note that the fellow in the green T-shirt and his daughter rode once while I was watching from the sidelines and again when I took my place in a tea cup. And he was making sure they had a very swirling good time.)

As I pause in the almost non-existent queue for the Haunted Mansion, I gaze out on the river where the Liberty Belle is not currently plying the waters because said river has been drained.

They put up dams in order to drain the river in sections. Running through the middle there is the I-beam that “steers” the paddle steamer. This refurbishment project has been going on since January and no completion date has been announced. The Liberty Square Riverboat is one of my favorites and I hope I live long enough to experience it once again…

Later, I have a boat all to myself as I set off to discover that the world is still small after all. No-one will judge you if you decide to join me on the happiest cruise that ever sailed. Or if you decide not to either.

All photos taken on Peter Pan’s Flight tonight are a blur. But I do talk to the Croc as I exit.

But you never smile at a crocodile.

I like the back of Cinderella Castle as much as the front.

Last look at the front thereof before exiting the park.

This took place several minutes past the official end of After Hours at midnight. The monorail had already turned back into a pumpkin. Fortunately, the Richard Irvine ferry boat back to the Transportation and Ticket Center had not.

Behold Disney’s Bay Lake Tower and Contemporary Resort beneath a waning gibbous as seen from the upper deck.

P.S.: On this date in 1946, Dumb Bell of the Yukon was released!

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