Coming Attraction World

Flowers, potted & floatingEpcot’s 2018 Flower & Garden Festival ended the 28 May, but floating flowers linger.

more floating flowers and hints of coming attractions

Rémy is coming to France.

Construction on Ratatouille ride

C’est paisible au Canada.

it'a peaceful in Canada

Skyliner is coming to International Gateway.

Printemps en France.

Springtime in France

Primavera en México.

Springtime in Mexico

Boda póstuma.

Posthumous wedding

Boa de plumas rojas.

red feather boa

Fajín rojo para él.

Red cummerbund for him

Amarillo rico, suave…

Mellow yellow

En la Tienda Encantada:

Almira Gulch en regiones mas allá?

Almira Gulch in regions beyond?

You’re telling me…

there's more time than there is life

Before leaving Epcot for a while, I enjoy a lunch of Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken in the Liberty Inn adjacent to the American Adventure.

Cobb Salad at Liberty Inn

What I do not enjoy so much is the sight of the lady at the table next to mine flossing her teeth. No photograph of that. You’re welcome.

The Friendships are serving only Epcot and the hotels currently, not the Studios, since one of the bridges is being worked on…

Friendship boat on Crescent Lake

…so my plan is to walk to the BoardWalk

through a gazebo on the way to the BoardWalk

and take the bus across the street from there to the Studios.

But it’s hot, so first a trip upstairs for a cool Belle Vue break in the lounge of that name.

Did I mention it’s hot? That’s why I am photographing the flora from inside.

BoardWalk flora

Refreshed in the lounge and relieved in the restroom, I proceed to the bus stop. During that stroll I witness another one of my least favorite sights: the child picking his nose and eating his findings. No photograph of that, either. You’re welcome.

Skyliner is coming to the Studios.

Skyliner Station construction, Disney's Hollywood Studios

more Skyliner Station construction, Disney's Hollywood Studios

I don’t spend a lot of time here; the 90-plus temps are getting to me and I don’t want to exacerbate my dermatitis-ridden cheekbones any more than I have to.

On the monorail back to Epcot, where I am parked in

row 10 of the Journey lot

we observe that Ellen’s replacements are coming to Future World.

A light rain has begun when I board the parking lot tram. Seconds after I get in the car, the downpour escalates to Level Bodacious and stays there for about a third of my drive home.

All is dry for the remainder of the journey, but mere seconds after I am safely within the apartment, the second wave arrives and this is how it looks out my window:

bodacious rain in the Four Corners area


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