Testing Cotton at the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom: Monday 14 May 2018

You have to get here early to see Main Street Square like this.

feels crowded on the square

If you open City Hall, the uninformed will come, eventually.

City Hall

At 8:10 a.m. people head up Main Street USA to be held at the hub until official opening at 9.

Main Street USA

While waiting for the Harmony Barber Shop to open at 9, I wander through
The Emporium

which is domed.

Emporium Indoor Décorium:

first set of three shelvessecond set of three shelves

Emporium Outdoor Décorium (display windows, that is):

The brain that is divided into several parts will display its hand thusly

4 queens and a ?

Books, rope, ring… You figure it out.

Sailing to Sønderjylland.


it's perfectly paranormal

Chips ‘n’ Dales on the Steinmouse.

yes, it'a a genuine Steinmouse

Always visit the
Main Street Station of the Walt Disney World Railroad.

And enjoy the northward view.

Even though there is never anyone in the ticket office.

If there were I guess they’d have to be able to slip in through this door…

But it’s okay because you don’t need a ticket to ride. If you did it might have to be stamped.

Have they paid any bills since August of 1856? Have you?

Frayed wires on phones are a thing on Main Street USA.

Hello! Hello? Speak up, I can't hear you!

Looking eastward in the waiting room, waiting for crowds of passengers.

Looking westward.

Turn-of-the-crank turn-of-the-century entertainment. Parental Guidance suggested.


Casey’s Corner: Hot Dogs, Corn Dog Nuggets, Soda Pop and other equally healthy treats.

There are no longer any bleachers whereupon you could watch the game and try to balance your dog and fries on your lap as you ate. Now there are tables and chairs, indoors and out.


Who indeed?

Who will manage the Pirates in 1916?

Go Mudville!

Speaking of the Corner’s outdoor seating, it obviously isn’t lunch time yet. On a rainy day.

You know you want to ride.

double decker

For whatever reason, there are some guests who just refuse to purchase the lovely nine-dollar Disney rain ponchos.

cheapskates, like me

Cinderella Castle
Frame it in soft focus with flowers.

Cinderella Castle

Or frame it in wrought iron. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Liberty Square
On the way in…

the Haunted Mansion

…and on the way out. Rest in Pieces.

in spiritual repose

The cascading waters adjacent to Rapunzel’s tower remind you how close you are to an Opportunity for Relief.

The reason you can’t see through these windows is that if you could, you would be peeping into the Tangled Toilets.

This here’s the rootin-tootin-wildest-testin’in’est ride in the wilderness!

Pimîhkân: it’s what’s for dinner.

Uh-oh. Man is in the forest.

The trees of tomorrow are here today.

That moment when you ride off the rail on the Speedway.

the noisiest ride in the World

And just about time for me to mosey on back to Aladdin row 205 for the drive back home with stop at Publix so the rain will subside…

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