Sunny and Comfy in the Magic Kingdom

Wednesday 11 April 2018
the high today: 76ºF

Splash Mountain Menace

Brers Fox & Bear

Happy Conclusion


Expansion of outdoor seating at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café continues.

for your future enjoyment

On display and for sale in Memento Mori:

Haunted Mansion + Big-Ass Moon

Harbour gear lying around outside Columbia Harbour House.

This young man is about to dispatch us right into the small world.

These are the saucy soubrettes you’ve been looking for.

Curly-toed slippers.

Adjacent to Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland.

It’s pretty exclusive.

Pathetic Smee ONLY

How does Tink do it?

Wrong-Way Smee

How we trudge.

Princess Aurora has shopping suggestions for you at Uptown Jewelers.

You can place a call, I suppose, in Le Chapeau, but you may not like what you don’t hear.

In the Main Street Railroad Station, the orchestrion is also out of order.

Resting and lying around the Haunted Mansion.


Prepare for Soarin’ Over Adventureland.

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Adventurous décor in the Zanzibar Bazaar.

In the Emporium. It’s not yet time to spend $39.99.

Quarter til six

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