Thursday’s Buffet

Thursday 29 March 2018
Epcot • Cape May Café

at 4:28 pm, 92ºF feels like 95ºF

Fountain of Nations

Thistle into Imagination

Just a figment of your monorail

Monorail into Imagination

The wonderful thing about him is he is the only one.

Tigger topiary

Always stop for the view of Morocco on your way to the International Gateway.

The area where the tram station used to be is all enclosed with We-Are-Refurbishing-This-Area-For-Your-Future-Enjoyment walls. Artist’s conceptions of what will one day be in this spot:

Skyliner Station

also the Skyliner Station

Skyliner Routes

On the way to the Yacht Club

Crescent Lake, Swolphin

At the Yacht Club

Of course my living room is equipped with a hand sanitizer dispenser.

Yacht Club Lobby

EasTinker Bell

Tink in an Easter Egg

Once upon a time, there was a restaurant known as Ariel’s.

At the Beach Club. Yes, he has a sand castle too.

Mickey at the ramparts

Beach Club Orchids

Whimsical Display of Easter Eggs

Neverland in an egg

Remember when you used to write them and put them in one of these?

Letter Box

Sofa so good

Entrance to Beach Club Lobby

Dinner this evening is at

Cape May Café

This is just the beginning. I’ll spare you the rest.

it's just food

Back at the UK Pavilion, inimical topiaries.

Captain Hook & Peter Pan

Goodnight, Epcot

Flower & Garden Festival 2018

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