Lunch at the Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios - 6 Feb 2018

Arrival is just after 9 a.m. It doesn’t take long to spot the first heart-wrenching display from the Items Observed On Top of Trash Cans Department.

wrench on a trash can

Please keep our city clean.

In the Echo Lake area, a good dose of cinematic references. I came here for the waters… I was misinformed.

shipment to Rick's Café Américan

One day we walked along the sand
One day in early spring
You held a piper in your hand
To mend its broken wing
Now I’ll remember many a day
And many a lonely trek
The echo of a piper’s song
The shadow of a neck.

shadow of Gertie

Seldom open, but still here…

Dinosaur Gertie's Ice Cream of Extinction

The view across the lake toward Sunset Boulevard:

On my way to my FastPass+ rendezvous with Star Tours when — uh-oh! Here’s another one.

another Item Observed On Top Of A Trash Can

Disney Princes bow or pin or something

Somewhere a princess wanders without proper ID.

Tour droids! Sheesh!

Grand Avenue continues to lead to a Third Encounter of the Goofy Kind and to what may one day be the Edge of the Galaxy.

I prepare to turn left at Hollywood and Sunset to check in at my favorite hotel…

You know which one that is.

In Tower Hotel Gifts following my drops, I meet a sassy bellhop with whom I bet nobody is going to mess.

Hollywood Golden Age posing:

a mannequin and her faded rose

Where I learned all the latest movie techniques.

Max's Classic Directing Academy

In the forest of misleading umbrellas, uninformed guests wander in search of coffee and restrooms.

Starring Rolls Café

There is no Starring Rolls Café anymore.

In Keystone Clothiers, a holdup is in progress.

Minnie's UltimatumSo what’s it gonna be?

Today’s third FastPass+ is for Beauty and the Beast Live On Stage.

When the Bonjour number ended I went to pause my camera and discovered that I had not been recording anything all that time. Not knowing what the hell I’m doing with that video camera is why here we have only Be Our Guest and Beauty and the Beast, the finale, and the curtain call.

3:05 is my late lunch time. You know where.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

The best lunch is two appetizers.

First, the Blue Lump Crab Crispy Wonton: Crispy Rice Noodles, Lolla Rosa, Cucumber, Tomato, Ponzu Vinaigrette, Wasabi Aïoli, Piquillo Pepper Sauce

Then, the Famous Cobb Salad with Finely Chopped Greens, Turkey Breast, Bacon, Egg, Tomatoes, Crumbled Blue Cheese, Avocado, Chives, and Cobb Dressing.

Back to Mickey Stage, Row 17, the farthest spot from the tram drop-off point, and the drive home.

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