Extinction for a thousand, Alex

Extinction Comes to the Universe of Energylast day: 13 August 2017

I am expressing my way from one park to another today, beginning with arrival at the  Magic Kingdom parking lot around 8:15 this morning. Walking toward the Transportation and Ticket Center…

Walking toward the Transportation and Ticket Center

My ride (the Richard F Irvine) across the lagoon arrives at 8:27.

Ferry to Magic Kingdom

A safe crossing has been effected at 8:40.

Docking at Magic Kingdom

And it’s a beautiful morning on Main Street Square.

While I wait for the Harmony Barber Shop to open next to the Car Barn, the Main Street Transportation Company waits for the signal to start transporting.

Following my tonsorial tune-up, I head over to Epcot to dream along with Ellen one last time before her Energy Adventure joins the Attractions of YesterWorld.

The Universe of Energy

I am feeling fragmented by the idea of never experiencing this attraction again after today.

feeling fragmented

The kid sitting next to me today is a compulsive foot/leg bouncer, so most of the photos I take are spoiled by shake. Sigh. Wish we could have dropped him off to visit with this guy:

just a dinosaur

Whatever they’ve been arguing about for the last thirty-five years is irrelevant now.

dino debate

This looks like where Donald, Mike, Mitch, and Paul will be spending some endless time. When the time comes.

What fresh hell is this?

She just wanted to have fun.


If you would like to have your own energy nightmare, place a self-addressed, stamped envelope under your pillow, or check us out on the web at www.energy-nightmare.game.

empty theatre

But time and the monorail march on.

Monorailing past the UoE

I’ll always have my memories to wear, though.

the farewell t shirt

I now scoot over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios where the standby line for the Great Movie Ride, also counting down to extinction, is way too long and too much of it is in the sun for me. So after lunching in the ABC Commissary on a

Mediterranean Salad

which is delicious with its 20% Annual Passholder discount, I return to the TTC whence I came.

(Thanks to the many jerks with no food who are occupying tables as they wait for their fellow perps to bring it, I must dine on a bench with my tray on my lap. I send a loud raspberry in their general direction.)


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