Tuesday Among Animals

Tuesday 25 April at Disney's Animal Kingdom

where DiVine meets guest as they enter the Oasis.


One of many birds to be seen today.

When you just love your rock.

Some Oasis flora.

The path that once led to Camp Minnie-Mickey will soon usher hordes into the World of Avatar.

The bridge leading therein as seen from the veranda of the Nomad Lounge.

I am looking forward to my Passholder Preview scheduled for Monday 15 May.

On Discovery Island, these monkeys wonder how soon they will discover the restroom.

(Psst… you’re looking at it, guys.)

My favorite creature to spot on Africa’s Kilimanjaro Safaris is the giraffe—reticulata or otherwise.

And not just because they are among the few that will come this close to the jeep.

Sittin’ there like he just don’t care. Because he probably doesn’t.

Which is surely a comfort to these guys.

Dangling on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.

not a leapin' lizard, Annie

Feathered friends, cont’d.

The face that launched a thousand trips to the hippo pool.

Equus quagga

Show me the meerfax.

Pangani flora.

A boy and his tub.

Gorilla beringei beringei

Close encounters with the Tree of Life on the Discovery Island Trail.

he has jaws

Glad not to be fruit on the Maharajah Jungle Trek.


When none of the real tigers are romping or even resting,

panthera tigris

we admire the aesthetics of their Pangani digs.

where tigers dwell

Maharajah Jungle Flora.

Too Fast to Focus. And very fussy about the pickings in the nest materials department.

Feeding on the high wire. They’ll be here all week.

You will be observed as you exit the bird sanctuary.

Framing the Tree of Life.

As you wander through Island Mercantile, just leave it to you-know-who.

Castor fiber

You can gorge on only so many ants before you’ve got to curl up for a kip.

Myrmecophaga Tridactyla

(He’s finally back after a long retreat from the stressful racket of Pandora construction.)

The best way to exit the park is through a wild place to browse and hear people eat.

Rainforest Café


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