Flower and Swolphin Festival

Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival • The Swan & Dolphin Hotels
17 April 2017

Learning to live with edible flowers in The Land.

Edible Flowers

The most important plant of all.

Artwork next to the elevators in the Land Pavilion encourages you to take the stairs instead.

If you can dream it, you can do it. As long as what you dream is not making the four seasons balloons move up and down again like they used to years ago.

The ever photogenic mosaics outside the pavilion.

If you keep Kleenex® in business like I do, you want this in your life.

Not a tree


Carica papaya for mucus controlPapaveroideae.

But most of the time I forget to photograph the signs that tell me what things are. In order to annoy myself later. Because I basically don’t know one plant from another.

One plant I don't know what it is

On the way from Future World to World Showcase on the west side…

Another plant or two I don't know what they are

Continued botanical ignorance

Holy moly! This time I remember.

Capiscum anuum

Don’t fence them in.



Arrival in Canada. When you stay at the Lodge, be sure to sample their moose sausage.

Flowers, Bambi, Flower.

Ersatz Château Laurier.

Northwest Mercantile.

My other dwelling is a cottage in Victoria Gardens.

Today is Totem Tongue Tuesday.

How to recognize a Canadian lumberjack, eh.

A Friendship boat takes me to the Swolphin.

Where it’s always good to meet fellow hotel lobby lizards. Who quack me up because they aren’t actually lizards.

Go home, chocolate bunny at Fresh Mediterranean Market. It’s over.

There are as many swans at the Swan as there are dolphins at the Dolphin.

I cross this bridge to get to the Boardwalk,

where there is a turn-of-the-century bicycle in a window of the Screen Door General Store. Or Thimbles and Threads. It’s all the same thing.

I believe we spoke of this view of the Boardwalk once before…

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