Pardoning Their Pixie Dust

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Tuesday 21 March 2017.

Each time I turn the corner here and see this, the shock is greater. So little left now of the Streets of America.

disappearing New York Street

Please pardon our pixie dust–of which there is plenty

Uh, there’s supposed to be a big balloon here…

Kermit's balloon

So where is it?


A Cast Member tells me that nobody’s told them where it is or what’s to become of it, although it hasn’t been destroyed.

But for now, though you can’t park, stand, or stop–no kidding!–you can still load tomatoes.

Tomato Loading Zone

Trust but verify.

Statler & Waldorf - Let's go in

Where once there was a half-hearted imitation of Toy Story’s Pizza Planet, a rat now purveys what I understand to be the same pies as before. So I haven’t sampled any yet. But I enjoy sight-seeing the theming within.


Some Streetmosphere on Highland Avenue prepares to turn left on to Sunset Boulevard.

Highland and Sunset

The new live-action+CGI version of Beauty and the Beast opened on the 17 March 2017, as anyone with a television set or an internet connection has known for a while now.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I do enjoy the Studios’ Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage, which has been running since the day the original film opened on 22 November 1991.

Be Our Guest!

Boba Fett (I guess–I don’t know from after the first three movies) prepares to step onto the stage in front of the Chinese Theatre and help “bring iconic Star Wars moments to life” in “Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away.” The one time I attempted to witness this event from in front of the stage, it got rained out. Maybe icon do it some other time.

Enter Boba

Well, wookiee there! It’s Chewy the archer.

Exit Chewbacca

The standby line for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is even longer than usual. So too is the FastPass+ queue but this allows me to enjoy the gardens of the Hollywood Tower Hotel at a more leisurely pace.

You don’t get to go out on the terrace. Now that’s just twisted.

sin twisters

After my warm welcome back as one of those who made it…

They used to have his (her? its?) leg hoisted up on to that hatbox in grimace-worthy discomfort. You’d think a dummy would look a little more relaxed now…

Hotel Lost & Found

The hotel as depicted on its own walls…

In Tower Hotel Gifts, I admire, as I usually do, the décor as much as if not more than the merchandise.

Metamorphosis: her transformation into Dust Bunny is nearing completion.

Lint Lady

Creepy dolls are the best kind of dolls.

Back out on Sunset Boulevard. Making movies the old-fashioned way.

On my way out of the park, a brief stop at what’s left of Sid Cahuenga‘s One of a Kind.

Dial H for Horse.

Pie-Eyed Pinball.

Mickey Mouse Bagatelle

Disney's Hollywood Studios

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