Automatic Flowers and Gardens

At the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, Sunday 12 March 2017

An upside-down waterfall but no monorail.

trying to imaginate that it won't rain

Fantasian fungus among us in the usual spot.

Sorcerer Mickey commands buckets with brooms as a dancing hippo looks on.

Sorcerer's Apprentice topiaries

Some saturation.

close up

Living with the Land and its edibles.

Edible Flower Garden

Play it, then eat it.

Nigerian Drum Gourd

Shoo flies with it, then eat it.

Horsetail, edible stems

Admiring the mosaics upon exiting the pavilion.

at the Land Pavilion

You must bee this corny to bee a Flower & Garden Festival bee.

A Bee Made of Corn

Time to proceed into the Living Seas with Nemo and Friends. (Looking back toward the Land from in front of the Seas.)

While the saturation continues.

another flower

Why is the bridge between Germany and the African Outpost up, impeding our progress?

the bridge is up

Because The Earth Is Coming!

Early dinner this evening is in the Great Hall of Pizza, also known as Via Napoli.

Via Napoli

Thereafter it’s back to the Land Pavilion for the Soarin’ FastPass+.

Following that we behold the usual suspects waiting for their aviator relatives to emerge upon their landing.

The Usual Suspects

Then it’s another backtrack to World Showcase for the evening’s main event. The Sisters are gonna be doin’ it for themselves.

Garden Rocks - The Pointer Sisters

What is this madness that makes my motor run and my legs too weak to stand?
I go from sadness to exhilaration like a robot at their command!


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