2017 Flower & Garden Day 1

Arrival at Epcot today is at 7:48 a.m. and the way through the Amaze parking lot to the entrance seems very congested.

be Amazed

Several familiar topiary figures gather around the maypole to welcome us to the first day of the 2017 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.


Maypole + Monorail

Caution: some of the flowers have thorny leaves.

thorny leaves

The opening procedure in effect today has us being admitted through the tapstiles at 8:20, then held behind a rope just after the fountain and before Spaceship Earth until 8:45.

“Attention time travelers! The rotating platform and your time machine vehicle are moving at equal speed.”

Entrance to Spaceship Earth

“Like a grand and miraculous spaceship…”

here we go

In the late sixties scene, the family is raptly glued to a television set that isn’t turned on. So they miss out completely on Walter Cronkite and the first landing of men on the moon. Just as I miss the opportunity to photograph it.

Topiary Stitch waves at guests outside MouseGear.

Experiment 626

The Festival Center will be open today through Sunday the 5th. For the remainder of the Festival, it will be open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only. Will Goofy dash right on by, or will he turn right up the path?

Goofy topiary at the Festival Center

The padding on the interior of the former Wonders of Life Pavilion has seen cleaner days.

Wonders of Dirt

The usual shop and exhibits are here. Today I’m too early to enjoy my Martini Prosecco at the Intermissions Café.

Back outside the Center, topiary Donald and Pluto gaze at the Universe of Energy and Spaceship Earth.

Donald and Pluto topiaries

Buzz Lightyear greets potential astronauts in training out in front of Mission Space, aka The Ride I Will Probably Never Experience.


A MouseGear window. And a gentle reminder: You must be this cheerful to enjoy Walt Disney World.

glum chum

The Bloomin’ Banks of Future World, on the Journey into Imagination side.

blooming banks

Same blooms, looking back toward Innoventions and the Butterflies To Go tent, to be visited on a later date.

blooming banks continued

Once again I spot a guest photographing ground-level topiaries in the UK, and ask if she also got a shot of Peter Pan. “No, where is he?” she asks.

“Look up and look around,” I reply. Ha ha ha ha ha.


Tinker Bell is present on said ground level (she was installed next to Butterflies To Go in previous years) but Hook and Tick Tock are absent.

Taking a break from Epcot in the Yacht Club lobby.

global flowers

So far my efforts to purloin this lamp have been unsuccessful.

illuminating haplorhine primate

View from the Beach Club beach on the way back to Epcot.

dolphin and lighthouse

Taking the French approach.

Bonjour, Paris

Cogsworth and Lumière.

Cogsworth & Lumière

Beast ‘n’ Belle.

Beast & Belle

Moroccan merchandise.

carpet & pillow

Items I need for my home.

necessary items for the home

That cool morning feeling is long gone at 12:18 p.m. in Japan.


I scurry through the garden to the Kabuki Café for my Rainbow Kakigori.

Japanese brook & bridge

I slowly consume my fruit-flavored shaved ice and recharge my phone in the air conditioning of the Liberty Inn next to the American Adventure. Wherefrom I proceed to Italy.

Where Tramp and Lady are apparently expecting a telefonata.

Tramp & Lady

In Germany we have more from the Flowers in the Foreground Department.


Spectacular orchids of Mexico.

orchids in Mexico

¡Saludos, amigos! Panchito, Donald, and José Carioca.

Three Caballeros

Okay, now I am perspiring profusely. This does not feel like the early March in Florida to which I am accustomed. Gonna swerve to the right and head to the exit.

Monorail & floating flowers

I don’t care what Instaweather may think it “feels like.” I say it feels like the mid-90s. (And that’s definitely what it does feel like inside my car when I get into it.)

upon exiting Epcot

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