Some World Showcase, Some Hollywood Boulevard

In a window of the Germany Pavilion’s Werther’s shop, Weinachtsmann is rockin’ some red velvet finery with gold embroidery.


Across the promenade, several of these complex topiaries seem to gaze eyelessly across World Showcase Lagoon at Spaceship Earth and the big-ass Christmas tree.

Mickey-Santa topiary

Fruit, candle lanterns, and poinsettias adorn the tree next to the American Adventure.

American Adventure Christmas Tree

In Japan’s Mitsukoshi Department Store, these might be Christmas monkeys. But probably aren’t.

Alpha Monkey

Speaking of embroidery

Wearable Landscape

Upon emerging, sans having spent any yen, from Mitsukoshi:

Torii gate

France wishes you a Triumphant Holiday Season!

Christmas ornament in France pavilion

The windows of World Traveler, the shop at Epcot’s International Gateway, feature Christmas trees with “worldly” ornaments.

Since Epcot doesn’t have a Cuba pavilion, I guess Santa here has been to Mexico. But he looks rather ¡babalú! To me, anyway.

Worldly Santa

If Donald’s hat had been for sale, I would have violated today’s no-purchase policy.

Donald's holiday fedora

A stop at the BoardWalk on the way to Hollywood Studios.

Christmas Tree on BoardWalk Lawn

putto and his merhorses festooned for the holidays.

in the BoardWalk lobby

A ruminant even-toed ungulate mammal has abandoned the carousel to grace a lobby Christmas tree with his ossicones.

Nice ossicones!

But it really ain’t Christmas until your dogfish and catfish are on the tree.

Dogfish & Catfish

I withdrew to the Belle Vue Lounge where I hoped to relax listening to old radio shows while charging my phone, but all outlets were busy feeding holiday lighting.

Belle Vue Lounge

Some more Belle Vue Lounge

Back outside this view of the surrey bikes reminded me of the infinite hallways inside the resort.

Surrey Bikes

By the time I got to the Studios via Friendship boat, my dogs were barking fiercely, so my time there was short.

Windows and wreaths, Mickey’s of Hollywood.

Mickey's of Hollywood

They don’t hang garlands across Main Street in the Magic Kingdom any more since the Festival of Fantasy floats are too high. But they’ve still got ’em here above Hollywood Boulevard.

Crossroads of the World



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