Forth-and-Back Park Hop

Monorail to Australia


First to Epcot, working on my fourth complimentary Annual Passholder glass.

Today will be rather ratty. This one is hiding out waiting to be squeaked in front of the Toilets of the United Kingdom.

The UK is where the rat is at

Onward to the Swolphin, via Friendship across Crescent Lake.

just a perfect blendship

Aim  your sail at the Dolphin.

the fish kind of dolphin

And be elevated.

or lifted, if you're from the UK

The Jungle Cruise is not the only place around here where you can admire the back side of water.

tell me about it

“Fats and Sweets”? Sounds legit.

Yes, I know what it really says.

Serenity now.


Reflections of Resort Lobby Succulence.

Reflect upon it.

Ara u now or have you ever been an aracuan?

You heard me.

Who you callin’ eccentric?

When you’ve got the world in a sling…

What a world, what a life, I'm in love!

You’ve got to expect some degree of brachium musculus rectus.

Funny coincidence: I’ve got an armchair here at home that looks nothing like this one.

Resort lobby furniture

Onward now to the park still known for a while as Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I don’t think she was planning on riding it anyway.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith

Because rats make the best pizza.


Replacing Pizza Planet, sometimes known as the most disappointing eatery in the World.

Crack your nuts to the beat of a different drummer.

эти мыши щелкунчики

It’s a Wonderful Store.

I didn’t do this.

What's My Lion? - doing with green paint on him?

At Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards.

We will make the Star Wars franchise pay off for us

Help us, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re our only hope.

I purchased my Frozen Raspberry Lemonade not by the sea, but at Anaheim Produce. I’m pretty sure, though, that it was made from these.

Ventura County Lemons

More Serenity Now.

Sew, just close your eyes...

Looking up at Celebrity 5 & 10.

The rain continued for an hour, I hung around for three or four…


To Epcot.

Argentina is indeed beautiful, but the rather insipid Food & Wine Festival empanada has never failed to disappoint.

The name comes from the Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread.

Of course I shouldn’t be expecting them to be just like those made by Patoruzú’s La Chacha.

La Chacha

¡son de película!

Anyway, this concludes today’s visit to World Showcase.

On the horizon: Italy & the American Adventure


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