Uwe Na Siku Njema


Uwe na siku nema

Saturday 29 October 2016

At the Animal Kingdom today, I pause to confabulate with one of my favorites among the denizens of the Oasis.

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw

And on Discovery Island, to witness several of these


and a few of these


In Asia I am immune to the appeal of frozen drinks.

Coca Cola Frozen Drinks

Today will be a day of Parked Bicycles.

Parked bicycle in Asia

The wisdom of Harambe:

A person who is in too much of a hurry stubs his toe

We deserve the best.

The Best Baskets

And the freshest of the fresh.

Fresh Water

We are all children of the world

When you are thirsty, choose wisely.

Wanjohi Refreshment

It’s a short walk to the trains.

Matembezi mafupi kwenda treni

So you can leave theseĀ parked right where they are.

Bicycle parked right here

Another bicycle parked right where it is

This fellow wants to see what everybody’s looking at too.

"Hold me up so I can see!"

We all wish we could stay here, in the heart of Harambe’s theatre quarter.

Hotel Burudika

Refilwe, Refilwe, let down your locks!

Refilwe's tower?

Two theatre-goers have parked here.

Parking for cycling theatre-goers

Even if you are uncultured, why should you learn things you do not want to know?

Mubiwa Culture Studio

Windows from which to observe folks on their way to Festival of the Lion King.

Windows of Harambe Theatre Quarter

Be careful not to fall.

Makini si kuanguka

Please enjoy our beautiful restrooms

While you do, you can park your bike here.

Beautiful restroom bike parking

A view of a bridge, only partially obstructed.

Bridge from Africa to Discovery Island

This is obligatory.

The Tree of Life

Upon departure, the finale of Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular at Hollywood Studios was visible from the Animal Kingdom parking lot.

in the Peacock Lot

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