At the Magic WilderKingdom

Magic WilderKingdom - 25 Oct 2016

It feels just right as I cross the Seven Seas Lagoon at 8:11 a.m.

67 feels like 67

After cooling my heels for about 30 minutes in the holding pen in front of the Main Street Station of the Walt Disney World Railroad, I am warmly welcomed.

And speaking of firemen, in Town Square we are reminded that the World’s best fire engine is number 71…

Main Street Fire Dept. Engine No. 71

…in which one literally puts the pedal to the metal.

The pedal and the metal

Oncoming fire engine

Crows are surely scared by this fellow appropriately lugging a sugar sack across the street from the Main Street Confectionery…

Confectioner Scarecrow

…where they know just how to describe me.


Contrary to what you may have heard, there is no jack-o-lantern shortage along Main Street USA.

Three jack-o-lanterns of the Emporium

The Hub is for us, as it is for Goofy, a place to ponder one’s next destination.

Goofy ponders

Mine is Peter Pan’s Flight, where, as I wander through what used to be restrooms but is now the relatively new standby queue, I admire the Mary Blair-inspired artwork.

a pirate ship in Neverland

I believe this winking mermaid’s name may be Lentiginella.

a redhead of Mermaid Lagoon

“Hook was not his true name. To reveal who he really was would even at this date set the country in a blaze”


Of course, what would this queue be without Smee?

your friend pathetic Smee

Helpfully pointing out the ominous presence of the dreaded Tick-Tock.

the dreaded crocodile

While Mr and Mrs Darling blithely prepare for their evening outing.

silhouettes of the Darling couple

The ride itself came to the famous momentary stop, as these rides so often do. (“All this has happened before. And it will all happen again.”) Perhaps in order to offer a guest special assistance in boarding. In any case, as I hovered suspended over London for about 30 seconds, I turned back to photograph Big Ben and the Thames.

hovering over London

With no flash, of course. Civilized guests never use flash on a dark ride.

Afterwards, in Rapunzel’s Potty Plaza, adjacent to the Tangled Toilets…


It was still rather early and the crowd build-up had not really begun in earnest, but I was ready to depart the Magic Kingdom and set sail for Fort Wilderness.

There I enjoyed the delicious excess of the breakfast buffet at Trail’s End, and then paid a visit to the

Tri-Circle-D Farm

and its equine residents.

caballo que come

Although I had the requisite eight dollars in cash and was wearing regulation close-toe shoes, after my Trail’s End feeding I am a little bit over the 80-pound maximum for a pony ride.


Bitter with disappointment, I hit the trail from Fort Wilderness to Wilderness Lodge.

On the trail that hit me

I'm not sure

Back in the more elegant surroundings of the Beast’s castle as captured in this light box on display in the Art of Disney store that now occupies the Main Street Cinema, a half-lovely couple decide that they shall silently, motionlessly, dance to an Alan Menken tune.


The rocks of Tomorrowland are still blue. And I like them that way.

Approaching Tomorrowland

On the Tomorrowland Stage, the Light & Power people are apparently aware that the election will finally be behind us in a mere fortnight.

The future looks bright!

Meanwhile, over in Storybook Circus, a Midwich cuckoo has apparently joined the circus.

child of the damned

But it did not telepathically force me to ride Dumbo when I adjusted its epaulet for this photo.

You may or may not find this mannequin spookier than these candy apples at Big Top souvenirs.

apples of death

Although the 12-dollar price tag may give you a shudder either way.

There’s a shop next to Gaston’s Tavern and his restrooms that purveys Beauty-and-the-Beast-themed merchandise. I don’t remember what it’s called. But they do have this item–fortunately part of the décor and not the merchandise–that I definitely need in my apartment.

essential home accoutrement

Today I elect to view the Festival of Fantasy Parade from the air-conditioned comfort just within Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square.


Merida is undoubtedly one of the most animated and energetic parade personae in the World. Here, however, I have managed to capture the rambunctious Scottish princess as she is apparently just about to hurl on a fellow trying to get his own photograph of her.

the malaise of Merida

Before exiting the Magic Kingdom and taking the monorail back to the Trial and Tribulation Center, I pause in the Emporium to contemplate a Jack-o-Lantern with a mouthful.

open wide

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