Saturday 25 June at Pop Century

Departure day. Yesterday I had done all but the last minute packing so it didn’t take me long to be ready to roll it all over to the airline check-in area, check my big bag and stow the carry-on.

Usually I head to the Magic Kingdom on Departure Day but I had had my Fantasyland morning and my Tom Sawyer Island visit yesterday, so after another Key West omelet in the food court (today I discovered that the Key West omelet has a dollop of guacamole on it; something missing from the first one I had had), I proceeded to the bus stop figuring I would get on whichever non-MK bus offered the least wait in line. That turned out to be the one to the Studios.

This worked out fine as I had been neglecting the Great Movie Ride. This had been virtually a walk-on the last few times I had done it so it was a little surprising to find that there was a line through the lobby. But that was okay since I hadn’t done much more than just zip through there in a long time. On this ride there was a guy in the car just ahead of me who was taking flash pictures and who was managing to take one right after each of the tour guide’s admonishments not to do so. The Tour Guide stopped the vehicle just before we entered the gangster scene, got down and walked around next to the guy and had a quiet little conversation with him, then proceeded with the tour. Hooray for him!

Disney's Hollywood Studios

After I had lunch at the Pop food court I picked up my carry-on and had a short wait for the Disney’s Magical Express bus. I had had another fantastic time at the World but was leaving not a moment too soon as my vacation energy was just about depleted. But I should be completely recharged in time for Disneyland at the end of July…

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