Friday 24 June at Pop Century

This is my last full day of this trip and I have thoroughly enjoyed it but I admit that these seven days of highs in the upper nineties have me thinking that I will be glad to get home and not tour in the heat any more. And having been such a pig yesterday, I skip the food court breakfast and make it over to the Magic Kingdom just a few minutes past opening.

Today I’m down for the early morning Fantasyland experience so I just zip my way up Main Street where the Cast Members are still waving good morning with their big Mickey gloves. First stop is Dumbo, which at this point still has basically no wait. Hadn’t done Dumbo for many years and I wanted to get some views of the Fantasyland expansion work behind the walls. And ride in its present location once more before he moves to his new, double location.

Also hadn’t experienced the Winnie-the-Pooh ride since they installed the new queue area so that was next. I miss Toad terribly but at least he is still present for now at Disneyland. The new queue is pretty neat though I admit I didn’t tarry as I knew that Fantasyland wouldn’t take long to get busy.

Even without the bouncing, this would be a difficult dark ride to film.

After my bouncy ride in a Hunny Pot I made my way back over to Cinderella’s Golden (excuse me, Prince Charming’s Regal) Carousel, which I then proceeded to ride for the very first time ever. No wait made it twice as much fun. And of course it is a beautiful carousel.

Naturally there was a repeat voyage at Peter Pan’s Flight, and another cruise through the very Small World.

Early morning Fantasyland is great. Parents with small children don’t ask me for advice as a rule, but if they did, mine would be to take them to Fantasyland early in the morning. Be there at rope drop and do it–later you can marvel along with me at the crowds who are standing in line for 60+ minutes in the sweltering heat with cranky kids for those 2-minute rides.

Okay, now I am ready for breakfast, so it’s back down Main Street to the bakery for cinnamon roll and coffee. Here, there’s a line. And once I have my items, there is no indoor seating available. Fortunately there is a shaded table waiting for me out in front of the Plaza Restaurant where I can enjoy my refreshment and a castle view without too much squinting or sweating.

On to the Main Street station now for a ride on the Walt Disney World Railroad to Frontierland.

On my last trip I had not made it over to Tom Sawyer Island so I proceeded to the landing for my raft trip over there.

I love Tom Sawyer Island, but I have to say that on this day it was soooo hot by the time I got there that I really wasn’t able to enjoy it at the leisurely pace I prefer. So today the best part was Injun Joe’s cave–dark and cool! I did pause to sit and rock on Aunt Polly’s verandah, but of course she was not there serving food and drink as in days of yore. On my way back to the raft landing I did spot Tom’s paint brush lying on the ground just behind the half-whitewashed fence.

Tom Sawyer's paint brush

By the time I got back to the mainland, I was pretty much out of steam, and soaked with sweat. So speaking of steam, it was time to let the WDW Railroad take me back to the park exit so I could go “home” to Pop and get horizontal in some air conditioning for a while.

This “for a while” turned out to be the rest of the afternoon, once I had had lunch at the food court. And it was a completely guiltless lethargy too. Especially since a heavy downpour made deciding not to try to squeeze in another theme park visit that evening very easy indeed.

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