Thursday 23 June at Pop Century

For my early breakfast today I inexplicably opt for the Bounty Platter in the Pop food court. Now the name of this meal should tell you right there that it is simply Too Much Food for One Person. But you do get everything breakfasty: eggs, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, cinnamon french toast sticks and–geez–a biscuit. I have no business having a breakfast–or any meal, for that matter–like this. And of course at home I never do.

Thus weighted down I am off to Epcot where I attempt to walk off as much bounty as I can by circumnavigating World Showcase Lagoon in a counterclockwise direction. I have to wait until 11 a.m. to do that, though, so I revisit my usual Future World attractions until then.

By lunchtime I have arrived in Mexico and all that hoofing around has left me ready to do further eating. I get me some nachos at La Cantina de San Angel and although there are a couple of tables available outside, I take them indoors at La Hacienda and enjoy them in the air conditioning. It is surprisingly deserted and quiet in there; I wonder if most people don’t realize they can take their La Cantina food in there until La Hacienda begins preparing to open for dinner at 3 p.m.


My view at lunch from inside La HaciendaMy view at lunch from inside La Hacienda

All this eating and moving about in the sun has me pretty sluggish so the most appealing afternoon plan to me is one involving relax at the Pop pool just outside the door to my room. Even though it’s late in my stay I decide to do my laundry while I’m at the pool. It would be a lot cheaper to do it at home but somehow this makes me feel like I’m not being a complete slug this afternoon.

A nap and a shower are in order thereafter prior to heading over to the Studios where under cloudy skies and in cooling temperatures I stroll leisurely, taking in whatever attractions don’t have excessively long lines. And yes, I continue today’s gluttonous trend with dinner at the Backlot Express.

After that the sky has become quite dark and the rumblings of thunder are heard. I don’t really fancy wandering around in the rain so I decide to head home to Pop after I arm myself with a stylish Disney Parks umbrella.

It’s after 9 when I get there–the perfect time to close my day of excess feeding with a chocolate shake in the food court.

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