Tuesday 21 June at Pop Century

Not a lot of theme park activity for me today… I mainly just tried to remember that I am on vacation, after all, and took it as easy as I could.

That meant a morning spent going round and round in lazy circles on Castaway Creek at Typhoon Lagoon. Got there shortly after the nine o’clock opening and it was noon by the time I left.

Round and round on Castaway Creek

After that I spent several hours hidden away in the air conditioning at Pop. The high was forecast to be around 98 with a heat index of 105. I may be crazy but I’m not stupid.

Dinner reservation for this night was at Boma, which along with La Hacienda now, is my favorite place to eat in the World. Managed to time the bus business just right so that I arrived at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at just under an hour prior to my reservation time. That way I was able to wander around the place a little before dinner and observe some critters from the outlook. The animals were pretty interesting too.

Flora and fauna at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Dinner did not disappoint and I paced myself well enough that when I was done I was full but not miserable.

Since I hadn’t been there yet this trip I got on the bus to Hollywood Studios, which I always enjoy after dark, especially the façades along Sunset Boulevard that recall movie theaters. I didn’t want to wait in line half an hour for the Tower of Terror so I decided to check out the wait time at Star Tours on the other side of the park since it hadn’t reopened yet the last time I was here. That was pretty much a walk-on; in fact, that whole side of the park was very quiet. I guess Fantasmic was keeping everybody glued to Sunset Blvd.

There were only five of us in the Star Tours vehicle. I like the new version of this ride a lot and yes, I WAS the rebel spy! And it was difficult to resist the t-shirt later that would have helped me to proclaim that.

"I am the rebel spy" T

Coming out of there I noticed that the mass exodus from the first Fantasmic of the evening was imminent, so I scurried to the exit hoping to beat the big wave to the bus stop. Didn’t quite make it as the hordes started to pass me on the way and I did have to stand on the bus but fortunately it’s a short ride from the Studios to Pop.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Force and that great Boma selection of desserts were still very much with me so I didn’t even require a stop in the food court for the goodnight treat.

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