Monday 20 June at Pop Century

This morning I decided to launder the clothes I had been wearing so far so I put those in the washer and headed over to the food court for my Mickey waffles which I enjoyed while suds and agitation did their thing. Then I let them dry while I sipped coffee at a shaded table by the pool.

At the Magic Kingdom I took the Walt Disney World Railroad from Main Street to Frontierland where Splash And Big Thunder Mountains barely had any wait times at all.
After that I took that long walk up to Fantasyland for a Peter Pan fast pass then backtracked for a leisurely cruise on the Liberty Belle.

Along the Rivers of America on the Liberty Belle

Lunch was a BLT Salad upstairs at Columbia Harbour House watching the parade of guests back and forth between Liberty Square and Fantasyland.

After my flight with Peter Pan I attended a concert of Mickey’s Philharmagic for which I had received a “surprise” fast pass when I got the one for Peter Pan. Didn’t really need it though; I think they were just wanting to get people in there off the pavement.

Back on the Peoplemover after that, where the moving ramp on the way down is still not moving.

On my way out of the now quite hot park I stopped at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor for a hot fudge sundae, which I consumed on the shady Tomorrowland Terrace, where the restaurant is currently open.

When I got back to Pop I indulged in a nap. Upon waking and freshening I decided to go to Downtown Disney to see what merchandise there I just couldn’t live without. At the DTD bus stop, which was deserted, I found somebody’s iPhone on a bench. Took that to the front desk imagining the state I would be in if I discovered that I had left mine somewhere.

By the time I got to Downtown Disney the heat was severe. (And the air conditioning on the bus had not been working properly either.) That may have been why nothing in any of the shops appealed to me at all; in any case, I was able to leave cooked but without having spent any more money.

I did walk through Pleasure Island just to see it since I hadn’t been through there in a long time. Obviously they are over the whole nightclub disco party til 2 am thing, but it’s not yet obvious to the casual observer what they do want that area to be.

Practically delirious, I took the first bus from the PI stop that I came to. It took me to Wilderness Lodge, where I purchased a bottle of water which I guzzled down in the lobby, where I could very easily have fallen asleep. But the rehydration in the air conditioning gave me enough energy to walk out to the boat landing where I took the launch over to the Magic Kingdom.

From Wilderness Lodge to the Magic Kingdom by “sea”

In a repeat of my movements of earlier in the day I took the train to Frontierland where I used the fast pass for Splash Mountain that I hadn’t needed that morning. After I had a raspberry lemonade slush in Adventureland I decided I just wasn’t up to any more of that heat and those crowds so I slowly returned to the front of the park for an exit.
Back at Pop I cooled off in the pool until totally sleepy and ready for bed.

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