Sunday 19 June at Pop Century

My dining reservation for today was actually for lunch, at 11:30 am at Yak & Yeti”s in the Animal Kingdom, so my breakfast in the Pop food court was a modest but delicious cinnamon roll.

Cinnamon Roll and Refillable Mug

In the Animal Kingdom I took my usual sweet time heading toward Asia, dawdling through Discovery Island and stopping to commune with any and all creatures that caught my eye, while the thrill-ride-obsessed masses streamed right on by. Besides, it wasn”t taking very long at all to warm up, and that area offers plenty of shade.

Kali River Rapids looked very inviting when I did arrive in Anandapur, but I didn”t really want to be dripping all the way through lunch so I am saving that one for another day.

Instead I proceeded on into the Maharajah Jungle Trek to hobnob with komodo dragons, tigers, fruit bats, antelopes, monkeys and an infinite number of birds. Of course that takes me a good long time so it’s about eleven o’clock when I emerge from that experience.

Lots of birds, on the water and in the trees…

My tired feet appreciate a nice rest in the shade on the landing for what used to be the discovery boat that hasn’t sailed since the AK’s opening season, if I’m not mistaken.
After a quarter of an hour of that, it’s time to report to the podium at Yak & Yeti’s. No wait there; I am ushered upstairs to my table right away and I promptly request a Berry Cherry Limeade to sip as I peruse the menu. Lunch was good and very filling. I had the pot sticker appetizer so no room for dessert after the beef and broccoli, which is something I wouldn’t usually get but I really felt like having some broccoli.

By the time I exit Yak & Yeti’s there’s that classic Animal Kingdom heat that means only one thing to me: time to get out of there. Even though that walk to the bus stop is brutal.
Some snoozing and pedal decompression takes place at Pop until I must get ready for more lazy river tubing. Off to Blizzard Beach. It’s pretty much partly to mostly cloudy when I get there around five o’clock so quite comfortable. Many times round Cross Country Creek, where there are many more tubes than people going around, before I finally make myself leave. Which I do just at the right moment, around 7, ’cause the big dark clouds are moving in and there is lightning, which by the time I get to the bus stop is causing BB to clear people off the slides. Thus a big exodus is prompted a bit ahead of scheduled closing time at eight.

A turkey ciabatta at Pop and a change back into real clothes later the threat of stormy weather has passed so I take a bus to the Magic Kingdom, where I enjoy nocturnal editions of Peoplemoving,

Splash and Thunder Mountains, the Haunted Mansion,

Haunted Mansion Bride

etc., between parades and Wishes and Magic, Memories and You.

By the time they’re telling us that in just five minutes we’re going to be dazzled by the Main Street Electrical Parade’s encore performance, I’ve about had all the stomping my dogs are going to take.

So back to bus stop 18 and another standing room only journey back to Pop.

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