Saturday 18 June at Pop Century

Early morning hippies in the Dippy Pool

After a tasty Key West omelet in the Pop food court, I gathered my necessities for a long overdue trip to Typhoon Lagoon. Somehow I had missed both water parks on my last visit and of course that makes any visit here seem painfully incomplete.

First I took a walking photo/movie tour of the park and then I acquired my locker and proceeded to slather up with SPF 55 which we now have learned is never really waterproof.

Then, bliss. About four glorious floats around the park in Castaway Creek. Now this is what we’re talking about. A beautiful day and there were enough clouds rolling by that we got frequent shady respites from the otherwise relentless sun.

Castaway Creek at Typhoon Lagoon

By noon I made my reluctant departure. I could go round and round like that all day but Snow White here doesn’t really need to experience that crispy red burn.

A stop in the Pop food court to fill up the refillable mug with a dose of soda pop, then on to the room for freshening up and a change into real clothing.

At Epcot I drop in at the Land pavilion to pick up a Fastpass for Soarin’. The standby wait time at 1 pm or so is over an hour. My return time begins at 6:25 pm or something very close to that. Sunshine Seasons is right there so why go anywhere else for lunch?

Oddly I notice that there, just as at the Pop food court, all the electric marquees that display menu information and food pictures are down. At Pop they have posted printed signs with limited info but here at Sunshine Seasons they don’t have anything. No matter though because I already know what I want at the soup and salad location. Since I am going to have dinner at La Hacienda this evening, that yummy Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese that I first sampled the last ime I was here will do perfectly. And since I am not on a dining plan this time I’m not pressured to get a dessert, either.

Thus fortified, I make my way over to the Living Seas to take a ride in a clamshell and look for Nemo. Cool and fun. Then I wandered a while among the various aquarium viewing locations. A couple of manatees made a rather dramatic entrance and regaled guests with several minutes of lovely Esther Williams-like twirls. I tried to film and photograph some of this but found that both cameras were set to automatically use flash in the dim light there and I didn’t know how to turn that off. I knew that if I stopped to figure it out I would miss the manatee matinee entirely so I just watched and left the cameras alone. I hate flash, especially when you get it bouncing back in your face off a glass.

Stupid Flash ruins a manatee photo

Reluctantly I exited the air conditioning of the Seas and headed over to the Imagination Institute to see if Dr Nigel Channing might not guide me on a tour.

(Upside-down) Fountain at the Imagination Institute

As you know, Captain EO holds no allure for me. Had the first car and a whole vehicle to myself as I imaginated away with Nigel and Figment.

Figment with suitcase

Have imagination… Will travel…

Took more time than I meant to wandering through Mouse Gear, that big shop on the east side of the plaza. No purchases–I’ll save that for Downtown Disney.

My dinner reservation was for 6:30 pm so I decided to make my way counterclockwise around World Showcase Lagoon and end up in Mexico by hungry time. took in all the shows and rides along the way and resisted any and all temptations to snack and drink.

The Gardens of Canada

China Pavilion
I did not, however, resist the temptation to slake my thirst for a classic margarita in La Cava del Tequila in Mexico before dinner time. Just sitting there on bench in the dim mercado took a while but after that delicious libation I was ready to tour in a Gran Fiesta way with the Three Caballeros. Donde está Donald?

That brought me right up to time to cross the promenade and check in at La Hacienda.
In another fit of unbridled gluttony I had another classic margarita, the Taquiza appetizer, the Pescado a la Talla–again, I know, but I was remembering how very delicious it was–and the refreshing helado. Yikes. Maybe some people actually eat more when they are not on the dining plan!

The view from the window by my table at La Hacienda

Taquiza and MargaritaMeet my friends Taquiza and Margarita

Full as can be, I made my way slowly to the front of the park and the exit. By this time the famous big dark clouds had rolled in and I saw a few mighty bolts of lightning crack the sky as I approached the bus stop. But I got home and all the way to the room with no storm.

Spaceship Earth

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