Tuesday 17 May, Check-Out of the Beach Club

Back on the day of my arrival, when my Magical Express checked luggage arrived, I discovered some damage to my suitcase that I thought made it risky sending it back home as a checked bag. A fairly large part of that wire frame that holds the whole thing’s shape together had popped out of its piping and although I figured the bag would hold up under normal circumstances, I feared that in transit it would surely get caught on something and likely mangled before I got it home. So today I went down to the Marketplace and got one of those Mickey Mouse suitcases, the same size, and abandoned my old one. Once again I was very glad of the discount that my Premier Passport was getting me.

Grabbed me some coffee and a danish in the Marketplace to take back up to the room along with my ‘spensive new luggage. As I was packing up and getting ready for checkout, the construction crew clambered on to my balcony and proceeded to execute their duties… it was pretty noisy so I was glad that this routine had not started until the day of my departure. I really lucked out on the balcony/refurbishment deal.

Then I just had time for another dash over to the Magic Kingdom where my final visit there of this trip including a quick dart through the Emporium on Main Street for a few last-minute gift acquisitions. Another flight to Neverland, another tour of Tomorrowland on the PeopleMover… I had already Splashed multiple times during the previous few days so I now felt I could go back to the Beach Club for lunch and Magical Express to the airport.

I enjoyed my hamburger and fries at Hurricane Hannah’s immensely. When I went to walk back to the lobby through Stormalong Bay I was asked to show my resort ID–for the first time since I had been there.

Everything timed out fine; after a short wait on a bench in the shade Disney’s Magical Express pulled up and I boarded for the first of my two least favorite rides of a Walt Disney World trip, 1) the bus back to the airport and 2) the monorail from the main terminal to the gate. But hooray for Southwest and nonstop flights between home and Orlando and no fees for checked baggage!

And now, the next time around is just around the corner. Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. I am scheduled for another SuperShuttle ride to the airport where I will board another Southwest nonstop headed for MCO and another glorious indulgence in Walt Disney World escapism!

This won’t be a Beach Club visit though–or any other deluxe or even moderate resort experience for that matter. This time it’s back to Pop Century where the rate enables me to linger longer!

So my next post will be from there.

Looking forward to another Magical Kingdom evening

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