Monday 16 May at the Beach Club

A Bunny enjoys his own Character Breakfast at the Crystal Palace

On Tuesday I must go back to the Unreal World so this morning I head for the Magic Kingdom, where, in Adventureland, it is not only the tourists who are enjoying a magic carpet ride…

Look who's riding a magic carpet

There he is!

Today I tour all my Mountain favorites, including Space, which I decide now rattles my bones more than I like so I may not be doing the Space Mountain thing again. Unless I get a chance to experience it at Disneyland Paris. But now that I am going bi-coastal with my insatiable self, I’m not going to be holding my breath waiting for that to happen. And my brittle bones will thank me.

Soon it’s time to sail across the lake to Polynesia–or the Disney version thereof–for lunch at Kona Café.

My records prove to be incomplete and my memory fails me, so I can’t tell you what I had there except that I do remember I had creme brulee for dessert and that everything was yummy.

Rodent Royalty at the Polynesian

The Animal Kingdom was a bus ride away from the Polynesian. Amid the touring I did some shopping in the Island Mercantile Store where the charming saleslady applied not only my Disney Rewards Visa 10% discount but also my Premier Passport 20% discount. Now that’s the kind of discounts I like! Of course I was shocked as I never expect anybody to apply more than one coupon or discount to a purchase–certainly not Disney. But I didn’t argue. Besides, while she was ringing me up, a supervisor-type was looking on.

Later on in Epcot, I learned that sometimes a monorail does in fact go by while you have your camera aimed in that direction…

After some pool time at the Beach Club–where beautification was continuing–

I returned to the World Showcase for a second visit to the Tangierine Café where instead of a shawarma platter I tried the Mediterranean Slider Combo. Not bad at all, though my favorite will continue to be one of the afore-eaten platters.

For those who might be curious about such hotel details, here is a Beach Club crib and a Beach Club rollaway:

Beach Club crib

Beach Club rollaway

Looking forward to returning to Morocco and the Tangierine Café

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