Sunday 15 May at the Beach Club

This morning’s view from my Beach Club balcony…

This morning's view from my Beach Club balcony

Today I had a dinner reservation at Hollywood & Vine in the Studios, but that prospect did not speak to me very convincingly this morning, whereas a nice breakfast did. There’s not much to my breakfast in my humdrum daily life, so when in the World I do like to indulge in those good but not-really-so-great-for-you breakfasts… Anyway, I took a walk to the Yacht Club bright and early and had the nice young lady at the podium of the Captain’s Grille cancel my H&V and put me down for breakfast at her establishment.

I believe I was the first guest to be ushered into the restaurant that day and I elected to visit the buffet. There was plenty of all kinds of breakfast things and everything was quite good except for the eggs benedict (what business do eggs benedict have on a buffet anyway–and why did I even sample them?) and the sausage which wasn’t bad, just remarkably unremarkable, i.e., practically flavorless.

After breakfast I had something of a mission, as I had reached a decision overnight. In a fit of Disney zeal, I had resolved to upgrade my Magic My Way pass to an annual. I had annuals for several years running back when I was making regular, multiple visits. Then I had an inexplicable lapse for several years and now I was ready to return to the fold. And this in a big way as I was now going to gobble down the golden goose-egg, the Premier Passport. Yes, I wanted to go bi-coastal.

Now you can’t perform this feat at a resort; you have to do it at Guest Relations in one of the parks, so I headed over to the International Gateway. At Guest Relations there, however, I learned that the Premier was the annual pass that I couldn’t get at that particular location. Apparently the Premier Passport is produced on a magical machine that is too big for that little booth occupied by Guest Relations at the International Gateway. This would be a job for Guest Relations at the front of the park. The nice cast member on duty at the IG said she would phone ahead to the front of the park so they would be ready for my request when I got there. Hmmm… this PP business must be a pretty special operation.

So I enjoyed a walk through Epcot and at Guest Relations up front I found myself in a fairly short line and when I requested my magical transaction they indeed knew how to handle it. Soon enough my Key to the World card was stripped of its park admission powers and I was in possession of an additional piece of Disney plastic, all shiney and gold-colored, of course.

Thus armed, and quite a few dollars lighter, I continued with my original plan for the morning, which was to go to the Animal Kingdom. Off to the bus stop!

I love the Animal Kingdom, both its scenery

and its residents.

By about 2:30 pm or so, it was really hot at the Animal Kingdom so I got on a bus back to Epcot where my 3 pm lunch was at Sunshine Season. Looks like they do still have balloons in the Land pavilion, but the look is different.

Balloons in the Land

Sunshine Season seating

The Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese Salad was delicious.

On the way back to the Beach Club for some pool time I visited the Imagination Institute and admired the fountain.

At the World Traveler next to the International Gateway I had to pick up a few more take-back-to-folks items.

That evening I returned to the Magic Kingdom to wolf down more snacks and to watch the Electrical Parade from a bench on the veranda next to the Liberty Tree Tavern. In all my photos, the parade is a blur and the strangers around watching with me are in focus.

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