Saturday 14 May at the Beach Club

Off to the Magic Kingdom for opening! Let the memories begin. Again. It opened this morning at 8; I don’t think it was originally scheduled to open that early, which may explain why it was such a low-key opening for a Saturday morning.

Had my yummy cinnamon roll, banana and orange juice at the Main Street Bakery, then it was on to Frontierland. I don’t imagine many of us have seen Frontierland looking like this on their way to Splash Mountain, especially on a Saturday morning–I know I never had:

Where is the humanity?

It was almost eery. I stood and watched several uninhabited logs take the plunge (the log in this picture is actually invisible) before I entered the nonexistent line.

The only person I saw between the bridge there and the loading platform was one cast member who greeted me in the courtyard. Naturally I got to ride in the first seat of the log and there I was reveling in my Laughing Place which I had all to myself.

I could ride Splash Mountain over and over again… and boy, was I in luck, for this time I did, two or three times until finally there were other guests at the loading platform waiting to get on when, soaked, I arrived there at the end of the ride.

Dried off on the wildest ride in the wilderness and then worked my way back to Liberty Square to commune with Cousin Maude, Wellington and Forsythia, Uncle Jacob, Aunt Florence and Bertie.

After picking up a hitchhiking ghost, I was dry enough to report for lunch duty at the Liberty Tree Tavern. I hardly bother reading the menu as I already know why I’m there: The Pilgrim’s Feast. Nothing like Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of May. Or whenever. It did not disappoint, nor did the Peach Crisp that followed.

Made my way to and across the hub, stopping at the former swan boat landing to admire the view of Cinderella Castle over the purty flowers.

I was about to head for the exit when I suddenly had a symphonic urge, so I proceeded through the Castle into Fantasyland for a performance of Mickey’s Philharmagic. Which of course really stars Donald Duck. Where’s that hat?

Back at the Beach Club a thunderstorm stymied my plan for some pool time at Stormalong Bay, which was cleared out except for the privileged ducks seen here. Hard not to aspire to a reincarnation as a Disney Resort Duck.

At rain’s conclusion I enjoyed the relative cool and quiet of a refreshed World Showcase.

Dinner at Tangierine Café (Chicken and Lamb Shawarma Platter)… and a delightful Saturday concluded with a chocolate shake at Seashore Sweets on the Boardwalk.

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