Thursday 12 May at the Beach Club

On this beautiful morning I decided to make a clockwise tour of Crescent Lake.

from the Beach Club beach

My stop would be at the Boardwalk Bakery for apple Danish and coffee.

looking at the Boardwalk across Crescent Lake

It’s a very pleasant walk over there and I am glad that there was only one other guest in the Bakery with me as that tiny little corner where they have the utensils and condiments is no fun when there’s a crowd.

The birds left me alone as I enjoyed my breakfast and the view.

On my way over to the Swan and Dolphin side I see many women in very high heels and many men in business suits, and I am very happy not to be wearing anything like that.

A Friendship launch leaves the Swan & Dolphin dock

By the time I am back in the Beach Club area I must go back up to the room to retrieve my sunglasses as I am doing some powerful squinting.

Morocco seen from the International Gateway

Then on into Epcot again where I pause to admire the Peter Pan topiaries at the edge of the United Kingdom area. But my obvious question is “Where is Smee?”

Pan, Hook, and the Crocodile. Where is Smee?

Of course the gardens in Canada are always beautiful, even in non-Flower and Garden Festival times.

Canada - O the gardens!

On my way into Future World, I pause to gaze at the pyramids of Imagination and the flowery banks… and wonder why it is that no monorail ever comes by while I am taking pictures in spots like this.

The Pyramids of Imagination - and no monorail

I’m glad that it’s here now for those who like it but I’ve seen Captain EO once at Disneyland Paris (back when it was still EuroDisney) and once here at Epcot and that’s plenty for me. I do stop to enjoy a tour of the Imagination Institute although I secretly wish to journey with the Dreamfinder again rather than with Dr Nigel Channing.

After I have Soared and Lived with the Land…

Living with the Land - and its beautiful flowers

…it’s time to take the two monorail trips over to the Magic Kingdom for my lunch at the Plaza Restaurant. As I travel I think to myself how so far I am doing a lot of back and forth between Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. Need to get over to the two other parks soon.

At the Plaza I am seated facing a window with a fine view of the Castle and the constant stream of park visitors walking by. The chicken strawberry salad is my choice and it’s very good. Very good and very big and I snarf up every bit of it. And then relax with my chocolate shake. Yum.

This is followed by further relaxation in Tomorrowland on the Peoplemover. I really miss the old spiel with its silly future-spacey jokes (“Paging Mr Morrow. Mr Tom Morrow. Your party from Saturn has arrived. Please give them a ring.”) But it’s still great to be whisked breezily around Tomorrowland even though you are no longer warned to keep your forward-facing tentacles clear of oncoming Metroliner traffic. One thing I wasn’t too crazy about though was how there were so many bright overhead lights on in the dark parts of the ride. I don’t know if it’s always that way though.

On my way back “home,” via the monorail and Epcot, of course, I pondered again how I needed to go to the Studios or the Animal Kingdom. On my way through Epcot however, my salad and shake wore off and I had to stop at the Sunshine Season Food Fair for a Reuben panino and a piece of Key Lime pie. The Reuben was good, and although the Key Lime pie was too, it wasn’t really very Key Limey.

All that walking and eating necessitated horizontal Beach Club time. After that my dogs were begging me not to go to another park that evening so I let them decompress in Stormalong Bay and watched IllumiNations fireworks from the beach. Vacation!

more Epcot floraMore Epcot Flora

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