At the World since Tuesday…

…and loving it!

The SuperShuttle van arrived to pick me up about 15 minutes after I went down to wait for it. Of course I had gone down at least 10 minutes early. Just one other passenger with me on the way to the airport; line through security moved quickly and boarding went smoothly. I was in group A-34 and ended up in the 5th row of the plane, so my 1st experience having used early-bird check-in went very well.

Arrived about 10 minutes ahead of schedule at MCO and of course there was nothing wrong with that. Southwest gates are on the opposite side of the terminal from the Magical Express area so that was the scenic tour through the middle of MCO terminal on moving walkways. Just one family ahead of me in the number 5 queue for the DME to Port Orleans and the Yacht & Beach. We took off after about a 10 or 15-minute wait in line. Nobody going to French Quarter so Riverside was the first stop. That was for almost everybody but me and just a few others. Everybody else got off at the Yacht Club so it was me on my private bus on to the BC.

Jennifer greeted me and escorted me to the reception desk where Rony from Port-au-Prince issued me my Key to the World card and pronounced those four magical words: Your Room Is Ready!

Went up to the room and did a quick bed-bug check and everything looked fine as far as I could tell. Oddly, there were several half-used bottles of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner on the little corner bath shelf.

I’m on the third floor at the far Epcot end of the resort. From my full balcony I can see the Eiffel tower and the tops of a few other world monuments. Refurbishing of the exterior is still going on here and there is scaffolding up along the balconies just to the south of mine but I am not around enough to have heard any noise. I have dropped in for afternoon snoozing but have not been disturbed by any noise from the work.

The view from my room

Didn’t do much unpacking and instead decided to walk over into France for that Grand Marnier orange slush I had heard so much about. My receipt for that 10-dollar treat tells me that I began slurping it down at 4:20 pm. I decided that I like Grand Marnier slushes a lot. Sat on a bench and watched people meet and greet Marie from The Aristocats. Knowing that I did not have to stand around clad in cat fur made me appreciate my cool Grand Marnier that much more.

My reservation at Cape May Café was for 5:25 pm so I didn’t spend too much more time in Epcot before heading back to the Beach Club. I did dawdle in World Traveler, the shop at the International Gateway, for a bit just to get a preview of the merchandise I’d be seeing that week…

On the way to Cape May I entered the Beach Club through the “Room 1501 Door,” that is, not the door into room 1501 (excuse me!) but the one that lets you in right next to room 1501. At the far Epcot end of the resort. There’s a walkway there that goes on alongside the building that was blocked off because of all the scaffolding but there was access to the door. Apparently you need your room key to open it after 11pm but during the day it’s just open. So I proceeded on to the lobby through the various stretches of air-conditioned corridors.

The "Room 1501" Door

The lobby always had folks coming and going but was never crowded or frenzied while I was there. That evening I met Richard the greeter and enjoyed chatting with him for several minutes before I went on over to the Cape May podium.

Didn’t have to wait long before being escorted on in to the restaurant where I made several trips to the buffet. The fish I had was a bit dry and the beef tips were pretty salty but that’s about all I could criticize. The Oreo bon-bons from the dessert board lived up to their reputation as mm-mm-good!

Full as I was I just had to waddle back over to Epcot to look around and take in IllumiNations. Wandered into Future World for a look at all the nifty topiaries and flowers, sat for a while watching the fountain and listening to the music, then went back to World Showcase to catch some Reflections of Earth before that blissfully short trek back to my room where I really enjoyed my comfy Beach Club bed.

Flowers at the Festival

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