checking in

On Thursday there appeared in my mailbox a repeat edition of the Keeping your Disney vacation right on track booklet from Disney Destinations LLC (referenced in my post of the 16 April, “at 24 days out”). Apparently this was triggered by the change to my dining plan that I made after I had booked my original reservation, as the description of my dining plan in this booklet was the only change from the one I had received earlier. So they are indeed on the ball there in the pixie dust factory.

It’s always good to get Mickey Mail, but today’s felicitous event was the Joy of Online Check-In. Ever since February now, the Walt Disney World website has been reminding me that in . . . days I could “save time, skip the line and check in online!” Ah, the delightful torture of counting down the days to a trip to the World!

Anyway, today was that only-ten-days-to-go day when I could finally do it. So when I arose before dawn this morning the first thing I did was log on and check in. Now one may or may not actually save any time by checking in online. And there may be a line to wait in when you arrive at the resort. But none of that really matters to me. It’s all about a ritual whereby I cross the threshold into a new dimension–where my Disney experience is now so close I can taste it.

10 Days until My Vacation! Soon I will be here at the Beach Club...

When Disney’s Magical Express finally deposits me at the Beach Club, I will proceed to the Online Check-In line at registration. Where there may or may not be guests ahead of me. But, when I do arrive at the registration desk, I will merely show my ID and the Cast Member will already have a Welcome Folder ready for me as well as my Key to the World card. Which will already be loaded up with my park tickets and Debt Enabler so that I can start making those Disney cash registers ring! Some more.

Online Check-In ServiceThose who have not checked in online prior to arrival will approach the desk in a different line, which may or may not actually move slower than the one I will be in. But when those folks get to the desk, they’ll be asked a bunch of questions and the Cast Member will be explaining a bunch of stuff to them and putting their Welcome Folders together as he or she goes along, and processing their credit card, and cutting their Key to the World card, etc. This is the part where one usually saves time by having done the online thing.

But no matter how it goes, I will be tickled by the feather of finally being in the Beach Club lobby beginning my vacation, just steps away from the International Gateway and the colorful blooms of the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Hooray!

The Beach Club seen from the BoardWalk

The Beach Club seen from the Boardwalk area across the lake many years ago...

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