making a splash

The Walt Disney Travel Company urges me to “Make a splash at the Disney Water Parks.”

Am I looking for more Disney fun? I should just add water and plan a day or two at uniquely themed, “must-do” Water Parks that only Disney could dream up.  Both have sandy beach areas, great attractions and plenty of tasty treats, too.

Actually, since the mid 90s, all of my trips to the World (with a couple of New Years’ exceptions) have included a minimum of two visits to the Water Parks. I never made it over to River Country, which was still open when I first started visiting the World, but once I experienced Typhoon Lagoon, there was no doubt I would be back every time I was there–except, again for those mid-winter visits when the appeal did wane considerably.

As for making a splash, however… Yes, I have slid and screamed my way down all the slides, tube, mat, and body, even multiple times on many of them. This in spite of the fact that Smee here is not really a swimmer at all. I would just put my faith in those red-trunked lifeguards and my more aquatically inclined traveling companions and allow myself to be hurled downward through the sloshing tunnels and along the slippery slopes simply to endure the brief moments of pathetically helpless flailing and sputtering at the bottom.

Not a very wise practice, to be sure. Those days are behind me now, in any case. I no longer make a splash at the Disney Water Parks. While speed- and thrill-crazed adolescents haul their tubes up endless stairways, I sit back on mine and allow the gentle propulsion of circular waters to lead me around and around the imagineered scenery that I love. I am now perfectly happy just to make ripples.

A Smee's-Eye-View of Castaway Creek

That’s right. For me, the main attractions are Castaway Creek and Cross Country Creek. Followed closely by the inevitable hot dog and beer that are lunch.

I am a big fan of both parks. Most people base their selection of a favorite on the speed or thrill factor of slides and drops or the awesomeness of waves in the big pool. For me it is the lush tropical landscape of Typhoon Lagoon that endears it to me just slightly above the whimsy of melting snow at Blizzard Beach.

I am generally imperturbable while engaged in circular creek floating. Even during those moments when surrounded by rambunctious tubers unclear on the “lazy river” concept. They too shall pass.

Whenever I hear “See You Later Alligator” by Bill Haley and the Comets it makes me chuckle as I remember floating by Ice Gator’s house and wondering if I will be splattered by ice-cold crocodilian sternutation.

And of course “Under the Boardwalk” or “Wipeout” either one transport me to that world of leaning palms and misty streams that is my Laughingest Place second only to Splash Mountain.

When it comes to the Disney Water Parks, about the only thing I am not really crazy about is the getting there and the getting back from there via Walt Disney World transportation. That experience can vary widely depending on which resort you’re coming from and going to. It’s not really that bad unless you are making all those Downtown Disney stops or multiple other resort stops before you get to wherever you’re trying to get to. In the end, though, it’s always worth it to me and I do make several creek visits each trip to the World.

Here are a few more Smee’s-eye-views of Castaway Creek.

Castaway Creek and the Knees of Smee

Castaway Creek

It won’t be long now…

14 Days Until My Vacation!

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