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21 Days Until My Vacation!In addition to The American Idol® Experience and Soarin’™, the Walt Disney Travel Comedy has picked a couple more attractions just for me.

Finding Nemo–The Musical.  I really liked the movie Finding Nemo. According to official sources, this Broadway-style musical stage show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park “captures the heart, humor, characters and story” from the Disney-Pixar film.

I don’t believe I ever saw “Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends” in the same venue at the Animal Kingdom, but I do remember “Tarzan Rocks”–and I have the t-shirt to prove it–and “Journey into the Jungle Book.” I think I used to have a t-shirt from that one too but I lost it to someone who’s nuts about the Jungle Book.

Tarzan Rocks! The T-Shirt

Tarzan Rocks! The T-Shirt

Roller-skating Tarzan and company were certainly a sight to behold and the show was fun… as was Journey into the Jungle Book.

Now I have heard mostly negative responses to Finding Nemo–The Musical. The music and lyrics sound amateurish, many say, and numerous others are apparently unable to reconcile themselves to the visible presence of puppet manipulators. Just a theatrical convention they aren’t used to, I would imagine. In any case, I am looking forward to checking it out for myself.

The WDTCo further exhorts me to join Captain Jack Sparrow on a watery ride into the realm of pirates and scoundrels: the “classic Magic Kingdom® adventure Pirates of the Caribbean.” (Is there anything else as full of italics and copyright and trademark symbols as a Disney brochure?)

Well, naturally, I’m not about to spend time in the Magic Kingdom and not experience Pirates. I’ve sailed through the burning village many times when the ride was in serious need of refurbishment but when I did so after they had added Jack I found that the whole thing was looking better than I had ever seen it before. Now if they would just add an automatic ejector seat in the boats for guests who photograph using flash…

Pirates of the Caribbean - a postcard

for the price of a postcard you can get a photograph like this, so why bother with a crummy, obnoxious flash?

Happy Birthday (1946), Tim Curry!

S.I.R. and his voice, Tim Curry

S.I.R. and his voice, Tim Curry

Aaah, welcome, weary travelers, to the great big universe of X-S. You may call me SIR. That is S, I, R, which stands for Simulated Intelligence Robotics.

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