about those must-do attractions…

…that Disney picked just for me.

The first of them is The American Idol Experience. It is suggested that I experience this Disney’s Hollywood Studios™ attraction as if I were really at the TV show!

I think the last time I was in the space currently occupied by this attraction (the ABC Theatre I think it is) was back when they had the audience members participate in scenes from old television programs. And the park was the Disney-MGM Studios. One could magically try to box bon-bons with Lucy and Ethel (my favorite) and there was also a scene from Bonanza and maybe the Golden Girls… Right now I don’t remember what it was called. Wait, it was “Superstar Television.” That was back before they had “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Play It!” and before that there had been “Disney’s Doug Live.” I’ve never watched a complete broadcast of either Millionaire or American Idol on TV. I had seen several episodes of Doug but I never made it in there to see that either. Anyway, I’m clearly not a fan of American Idol. I remember watching the Original Amateur Hour–Ted Mack’s, not Major Bowes’, thank you!–and that will just have to be enough for me.

Now they’ve also picked Soarin’™–just for me. I first soared at Disney’s California Adventure and have since done several encores at Epcot. I’ll be back in the line at The Land again next month. First to get that FastPass and then to consume at Sunshine Seasons. Where, while I’m eating, I will lament the absence of the big blue balloons that soar no more. Well, they didn’t really soar, they just went straight up and down. Slowly. Or at least one of them did.

Balloons in the Land Pavilion

I never did get to see Kitchen Kabaret, though I often find myself singing veggie-veggie-fruit-fruit, but I will also think about how I miss Food Rocks, the concert for good nutrition, as I pass through its former space on the way to Soarin’™.

"Food Rocks" - it rocked!

The plan for tomorrow is to ruminate about the other two attractions that were picked just for me. They both involve water.

23 days until my vacation

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