at 24 days out…

According to the Walt Disney Travel Company, my Disney vacation is being kept right on track. And I believe that as of this week, I am in possession of the three critical Mickey Mailings that will do that.

The first contained my Important Documents for the journey from MCO to the Beach Club and back on Disney’s Magical Express. Voucher and yellow luggage tags. Also the map that shows how to get from the gate to the Magical Express boarding area. I’ve done that twice before already, so I may not have to consult that.

The second was my packet of package details, 3-D luggage name tags and various coupons for meals, mini-golf and merchandise–coupons that I have never used in the past and probably won’t this time, but you never know.

“Experiences come and go… but memories last forever.”

That’s what it says on the envelope. They don’t know my memory very well. But that’s okay.

The third, and I presume final, mailing brought me my welcome booklet of information about

1. My Disney Resort Hotel. The Beach Club. I’ve stayed at the Boardwalk Inn and at the Boardwalk Villas a couple of times, and even at the Dolphin once, but I thought this was going to be my first stay at the Beach Club. However, the booklet says “Welcome back to Disney’s Beach Club Resort.” Emphasis mine. See what I mean about my memory. Anyway, if I am recollecting correctly, I have always wanted to stay at the Beach Club, so I’m very happy to finally be staying there now even if I may have already done so at some point in the past.

2. Disney Dining Tips and Info. The booklet tells me that I have made a great (and delicious) choice in purchasing a Magic Your Way Package Plus Quick-Service Dining Plan! Emphasis Disney’s. I’m assuming that this booklet got printed up before I called up and changed my dining plan from Quick-Service to Dining Plan. The one with one Snack, one Quick-Service Meal and one Table Service Meal per night of my stay. And I feel confident that I actually did that because that’s what it says on the Walt Disney World web site when I look at my reservation. So when I check in we’ll find out whose memories are more foreverer.

3. Disney Theme Parks and More. This is where I check out those must-do attractions they picked just for me. And it looks like I will be doing most of them. I apparently have picked a great time to visit (when have I ever not picked a great time to visit?) when there’s even more magic to be found and fun to be had, such as at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. It’s been several years since I’ve been in the World during this event and I am looking forward to it as much as the booklet claims I ought to be.

There is, of course, “so much more to do!” But I am probably not going to be doing very many of those things. I have seen La Nouba about four times and it is spectacular, but I don’t go when I am on a solo trip like this one. World-Class Spas are something I have yet to experience. But hmmmm… I do have a coupon, so this is not beyond the realm of possibility. Theme Park Fireworks. Yes, all right, I will watch fireworks. Golf. No, I will not be doing any golfing. Shopping. Unfortunately, I have documents that get me a discount on merchandise at the World. So yes, there will be shopping. Nightlife. I used to boogie down at Pleasure Island back when that was what people did there. Those nights are long gone. Water Sports. I have no thirst to quench for wakeboarding, waterskiing, personal watercraft excurting or more.

On the last page of this booklet is one coupon that I am looking forward to using: for 10% off My Entire Purchase at the Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop at the Downtown Disney Marketplace.

Here is an evening image of France taken last August from near the International Gateway. In twenty-four days I will be within walking distance of said gateway.

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