Asiaversary 1999-2019

Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom

We visit the Animal Kingdom today in observance of Asia’s twentieth anniversary.

But before Asia is The Oasis. And a duck.

A duck at The Oasis

and a duck and a swan…

and a Reeves (Reeves’ / Reeves’s) Muntjac…

Reeves Muntjac

and a Babirusa, baby!


Upon arrival in Asia, even though there are “fresh sips inside” and we are invited to “please sit,” we prefer to avoid the allure of sugary carbonation.

Coca-Asian-Cola products

The Komodo Dragon is the first denizen of the Maharajah Jungle Trek that one encounters. The temperature at this point is a mere 66ºF/18.89ºC, but the rock upon which this lovely lady reclines is heated for her cold-blooded comfort.

Komodo Dragon

Moving along into, as they say, another part of the forest, we admire fading artwork on the crumbling walls of a Maharajah’s crumbling palace compound…

The following is artistic. Because it’s tilted.

Someone always leaves a cart in a no-cart-parking zone.

Uh Oh. Could this mean there might be a tiger up ahead?

Betcha it could

this is a tiger

My favorite part of the Trek is the aviary. Look up and behold why we always wear a hat.


If I knew the names of these birds I would tell you.

anonymous avis

another member of AA

Pigeon, Victoria Crowned. On the ground…

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

…and perched above.

Crowned Pigeon Victoria II

Definitely not under glass:

Argus Pheasant

Just at the aviary exit, an incubation station.

Before leaving the park, leave us mobile order our lunch at Pandora, the World of Avatar‘s Satu’li Canteen. Chili-Garlic Shrimp Bowl, i.e., shrimp tossed in a chili-garlic sauce with hearty salad.

what does satu'li mean?

Joe Rohde: “Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Mastermind”on Twitter


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Spiritedly Off

“The New Spirit” - released 23 January 1942

DisneyWikiaInternet Movie Database

Donald's tax return

flaggy-eyed Donald

“They’re Off” - released 23 January 1948

DisneyWikiaInternet Movie Database


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Tomorrow’s Newz

Magic Kingdom - 22 January 2019


“That’s right: it’s outa this world!” –Mickey Mouse

Mickey's Star Traders

We want YOU to go to outer space!

Turns out there’s plenty of oxygen in outer space.

we don't need no stinkin' helmets

Lunch is at the Plaza Restaurant.

Strawberry Chicken Salad

Chicken Strawberry Salad

Main Street USA - the Emporium

Walt Disney World Railroad Station

Main Street Square

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Epcot Festival of the Arts 2019 Day 1

Epcot 2019 Festival of the Arts Day 1Artistic Figment

Artistic Figment

More Artistic Figment

Thanks for Celebrating with Us

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Apple Wars

Donald Applecore - released 18 January 1952

DisneyWikiaInternet Movie Database

dejected Donald

eyes to eyes with the culprits

insect powder

helicopter chase

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On Wednesdays We Wear Snoods

Festival of Fantasy 16 January 2019

Belle and the Beast

Prince Charming and Cinderella

Anna and Elsa

Prince Naveen and Tiana

colorful characters

Sunburst Girl


walking seahorses

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Liberty Pirates in Motion

11 January 2019 at the Magic Kingdom

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