Jumpin’ Gingerbread

The Cookie Carnivalreleased 25 May 1935

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Dawg-Gone, That’s Dippy

Mickey's Revuereleased 25 May 1932

Dippy Dawg, later to be known as Goofy, makes his debut.

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bovine ballerinas

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Premiere Preliminaries

Disney's Animal Kingdom on Friday 24 May 2019

I’m in Windtraders. So is this a kite or what?

Just looking while I wait to be notified that my Mobile Order is ready at Satu’li Canteen…

…where they’re working on a group order.

Ah! Here is my Shrimp tossed in a Chili-Garlic Sauce served with my choice of Base (Hearty Salad) and Sauce (Black Bean Vinaigrette). Down-washable with a Refreshing Balance of Tropical Juices blended with Powerade® Melon, aka a Pandoran Sunrise.

Digestion begins during a stroll from Pandora to Africa. Our first glimpse of the village of Harambe:

Visit the “Smile” Studio and see what develops.

But should they?

Upstairs pantry.

In Mombasa Marketplace, the iPhone’s portrait mode puts the squeeze on one giraffe’s most prominent feature.

Luckily, these two have found their niche and seem to be quite comfortable there.

This is what we’re currently celebrating more than anything else at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The Lion King

The famous rhinos of a different color.

There are whole new Malimwengu at this guest house…

…where your clothes will be dry in no time.

I think I’ll have mine over easy with a cup o’ kahawa.

The Joy of Missing Out, the herbal way.

Dr Jomo, Herbalist

Now on to Asia. Along the path thereto, the iconically obligatory shot.

The Tree of Life, of course

If I knew what this is, I would tell you.

Whereas I am confident that these are Russell and Dug, sculpturally speaking.

So things are looking

Up, of course

No phony arts, please.

only real arts

Where do sugary soft drinks come from? The storks bring them.

So, anyway, the premiere part of this visit is the opening night of the freshly revamped Rivers of Light. Which involves, among other things, an expanded name, i.e., Rivers of Light: We Are One.

Performances this evening are at 9 pm and 10 pm. I have a FastPass+ for the second show. I get in line at 9:20 and as soon as the nine o’clock crowd clears the amphitheater, we are admitted for our circa 20-minute wait on unyielding, backless benches. Oh, the agony!

So for seventeen ironical minutes we are treated to pretty lights, music, and dancing waters in what is, for sexagenarians anyway, serious discomfort.

This show didn’t make a whole lot of sense back when it actually featured live performers (the version I preferred)… Now the takeaway is that it’s all about animals and that’s about all. Except for lots and lots of Lion King, naturally. (“Live-actionremake coming July 19th.)

I didn’t take pictures or video tonight; I’ll be back to do that some other night. There’s all kinds of video of it on YouTube already. But here is a shot of spectators outside the amphitheater ogling the nine-o’clock edition:


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Changing Disney Parks Forever

Dorothea Redmond

Dorothea Holt Redmond, 18 May 1910 – 27 February 2009

Theme Park TouristInternet Movie Database

“An illustrator and production designer who worked with Walt Disney to design a private apartment in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, Redmond broke ground in 1938 as the first woman to invade the “heretofore exclusively male field” of motion-picture production design (at David O. Selznick‘s studio). She also worked closely with Alfred Hitchcock on such features as Rear Window and The Man Who Knew Too Much. In 1964, she joined what is now known as Walt Disney Imagineering and helped envision elements of Disneyland. She also designed Fantasyland at Disney World, as well as portions of Main Street and the mosaic murals in the archway of Cinderella Castle.” —D23

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2 Parks & 1 Surprise Anniversary

Epcot and Hollywood Studios, 16 May 2019

We begin at the Epcot Flower & Garden & Bone Festival.

Pluto topiary

Demonstrating the internationally recognized gesture for “I don’t know either.”

Goofy topiary

On the road to World Showcase.

Where the nephews are ready to rake.

Hewey, Dewey, and Louie topiaries

Bear in  mind that Canada is for the birds.

Bird on a bear

bear on a bird but closer

At the International Gateway, Bonjour, les français!

Leave us now set sail for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Friendship VI

Along the way, surfin’ swan rides the crest o’ the wave.

“When other Friendships have been forgot, ours will still be hot!”

Approaching the Swolphin.

aka the Swan & Dolphin

Disney’s Hollywood ConstructionLand ho!

Security bag check currently takes place under the canopy of what will one day become the loading and unloading zone of the parking lot tram.

Our first stop once within the park is just off Hollywood Boulevard: the restroom, above which looms:

Over on Grand Avenue, ducks relax at the very edge of the Galaxy.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, that is

A world of Muppetry awaits.

The second-floor terrazzo of Rizzo’s Pizzerizzo offers a belvedere of whence we have just come.

In the fountain down there, other rats have gone fishin’. Instead of just a-wishin’.

Rizzo isn’t particularly fussy about his pizza, IMHO, but he is concerned with tidiness.

another view from the terrazzo

Some of you may remember typewriters.

ABC Secretarial School

Abe Moskowitz, Tailor. Suits made to order. One flight up.

Glad I’m wearing this T…

MuppetVision T-Shirt

as Today’s Surprise turns out to be that it’s the 28th Anniversary of Jim Henson’s MuppetVision 3D at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Thus a visit to MuppetVision 3D’s World Headquarters is next.

Directory 1

Directory 2

A display of tremendous tap-dancing talent with an added cultural component.

a pot of flowers balanced on his head

“Hit it, Rusty!”



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Another Passholder Event

Sunday 28 April 2019 at the Magic Kingdom

Before proceeding to the Magic Kingdom, I visit Grandma Flo’s Resort & Spa, where the Society Orchestra has been forced by Mizner’s refurbishment to a new low.

Grand Floridian Society Orchestra

“Top o’ the egg, Ma, top o’ the egg!”

Elephant on an Easter egg

The actual purpose of this visit is to enjoy two appetizers at the Grand Floridian Café.


Seasonal Heirloom Apple Salad

Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail

A stroll out by Narcoossee’s to the boat landing features a stop for shoe tying here…

…and, of course, some ornithological observation.

Tall trees and missed watercraft.

Ah, well. Another is along shortly. After a pointless stop at the Polynesian, it’s on to the Magic Kingdom, where one bird’s wing tip is another bird’s perch.

We aren’t going to stop celebrating Mickey’s birthday any time soon.

If you need something in which to carry around that emergency slice of pizza, Disney has your solution.

pizza-shaped handbag

Whenever the PeopleMover is moving, we people will be moved.

When the freeway is a parking lot. We’ve all been there.

the closed Tomorrowland Speedway

“You’re in for a real treat,” says the narrator.

Carousel of Progress

“Oh, right around the turn of the century. And believe me, things couldn’t be any better than they are today.”

I’ve made some progress of my own. I never do this any more. (I’m retired; I don’t have to.)


“Ooh-la-la! So that’s Little Egypt doing the hoochie-koochie, eh Dad?”

turn-of-the-century stereoscopic porn

(Squawk) She keeps that thing going all day long. (Squawk) Progress! (Squawk. Whistle).”

Grandma at it (the Victrola) all day long

“Papa! All these people! I’m… I’m indecent!”

the indecent Patricia

Yeah, yeah… I’ve been to Niagara Falls too, ya know.

waving that Niagara Falls fan

“I’m so glad we installed an electric light fixture here on the porch, because it’s just too darn hot to be sewing inside.”

"Betsy Ross" with electric light on the porch"

Grandpa’s gonna rocket tonight.

because it's the 4th of July

Patricia: “If my new boyfriend Theodore sees me in this, it’ll scare him away!”
Father: “Well, dear, if that happens, you’ll always have that torch you can carry for him.”

Father: “Uncle Orville’s taken over the coolest spot in the house, of course, and he’s rigged up a real clever contraption. He calls it ‘air cooling.’ Hmph. Too bad he’s not reading the help wanted ads.”
Uncle Orville: “No privacy at all around this place!”

"Uncle Sam" in the tub

“I just heard a new term today on the radio. Fella says we’ve got something now called the ‘rat race.’ Did you ever hear that one? Sure describes my life.”

Commuting rat of the 50s

“Give him a left, you big lug!”

Apparently the moon is full and the wolfbane is blooming tonight…

he used his beautiful sister Patty’s picture for a model!

Shake it but don’t break it, Patricia!

"As I was saying, Babs, I think college is really swell! You should give it a try!"

“We’re remodeling our basement as something called a ‘rumpus room.’ And we’re looking forward to a few rumpuses, I tell you—as long as they don’t get out of hand.” (And a snood is the appropriate headgear for hanging wallpaper.)

someone's rump about to be splattered with paint

Grandpa’s gonna tie one on this Christmas.

Virtually victorious Grandma: “Man, what a game! I really smoked those guys. Looks like I’m resident flying ace now.”

“Hey everybody, I’m done programming our new voice activation system.”

Sure she has...

OVEN: “Bake Mode complete. Enjoy your meal.”
PATRICIA: “Anyone for pizza?”
SARAH: “Oh, another Christmas turkey ruined.”

Not to worry, though… They all lived Happily Ever AfterWhich is seen here above the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

it’s a small tilted world

As one tours the restrooms that have magically become the queue for Peter Pan’s Flight, we enjoy the works of art…

out of the flying Pan...

...into Mermaid Lagoon

Everything above was experienced before the official start of tonight’s V.I.Passholder event. Last time I attended one of these at the Magic Kingdom, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train went down while I was in the queue for it and stayed down for the rest of the night. Harrumph.

This time I queued up and in spite of several dubious slow-downs, it was up and running and I was able to ride after about 20 minutes or so in the queue. Hooray!

After a few other rides, I obeyed my barking dogs and monorailed my way back to the Trial and Tribulation Center about half an hour before the event shut down.

All four WDW parks are undergoing major recombobulation of parking lot-to-entrance and security clearance procedures. Currently the tram at the Magic Kingdom drops you off before you go under the overpass. It feels like you’re transgressing to perambulate through here:

But that’s how we do it, for now.


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I’m Wishing

9 April 1961: Walt Disney dedicates the Snow White Wishing Well and Grotto at Disneyland.

Snow White Grotto

Disney Wiki: The Snow White Grotto

the Snow White Wishing Well

“How One Problem Turned into Millions of Wishes at Disneyland”

"Your wishes will help"


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At Last It Works!

I wonder what it’s for…

The Misadventures of Merlin Jonespremiered 25 March 1964

Tommy Kirk & Annette Funicello

Disney Wiki

Tommy Kirk

Internet Movie DatabaseTurner Classic Movies

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Spiffy Canine

Magic Kingdom, Friday 22 March 2019

A rodent’s best friend is also his best dressed.

Pluto at the Emporium

At 11:48 this morning, the PeopleMover queue starts all the way back at the “Cool Ship.”

PeopleMover queue

PeopleMover queue some more

At 2:13 this afternoon, feeling moatly drained.

moatly dry

drained moat; Cinderella Castle

A ticket to ride the Disneyland Railroad‘s Lilly Belle has made its way into the Walt Disney World Railroad station’s ticket booth. (The WDW Railroad continues its Tron-induced hiatus.)

"the scenic route around Disneyland"

Floral stateliness in the lobby of the Town Square Theatre,

an arrangement has been made

where there is also a stenciled view of City Hall across the square.

isn't this artistic?

Beneath this streamered exuberance, you are invited to sign Mickey’s 90th-birthday Guest Book.

festive, isn't it?

Winding up the afternoon with a sandwich at the Contempo Café

Disney's very Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary is very Mary Blairy.

it's a big mural after all

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Asiaversary 1999-2019

Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom

We visit the Animal Kingdom today in observance of Asia’s twentieth anniversary.

But before Asia is The Oasis. And a duck.

A duck at The Oasis

and a duck and a swan…

and a Reeves (Reeves’ / Reeves’s) Muntjac…

Reeves Muntjac

and a Babirusa, baby!


Upon arrival in Asia, even though there are “fresh sips inside” and we are invited to “please sit,” we prefer to avoid the allure of sugary carbonation.

Coca-Asian-Cola products

The Komodo Dragon is the first denizen of the Maharajah Jungle Trek that one encounters. The temperature at this point is a mere 66ºF/18.89ºC, but the rock upon which this lovely lady reclines is heated for her cold-blooded comfort.

Komodo Dragon

Moving along into, as they say, another part of the forest, we admire fading artwork on the crumbling walls of a Maharajah’s crumbling palace compound…

The following is artistic. Because it’s tilted.

Someone always leaves a cart in a no-cart-parking zone.

Uh Oh. Could this mean there might be a tiger up ahead?

Betcha it could

this is a tiger

My favorite part of the Trek is the aviary. Look up and behold why we always wear a hat.


If I knew the names of these birds I would tell you.

anonymous avis

another member of AA

Pigeon, Victoria Crowned. On the ground…

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

…and perched above.

Crowned Pigeon Victoria II

Definitely not under glass:

Argus Pheasant

Just at the aviary exit, an incubation station.

Before leaving the park, leave us mobile order our lunch at Pandora, the World of Avatar‘s Satu’li Canteen. Chili-Garlic Shrimp Bowl, i.e., shrimp tossed in a chili-garlic sauce with hearty salad.

what does satu'li mean?

Joe Rohde: “Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Mastermind”on Twitter


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